Corrupted Save After Latest Server Maintenance

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I've never had any major issues with GT Sport up until now. Since the last server maintenance my game is now unplayable, I try deleting the corrupted save data which helps and lets me start up GT Sport again, intro plays and I get to the home screen but then as soon as I click on any thing it crashes and so on. Anyone else having these problems?? Like I said GT Sport was fine until the latest server maintenance.

Edit - So rather than closing the game when it froze, I kept a bit more patient, after 15 minutes or so, it unfroze. But the mileage exchange, livery editor are unusable, can't use any of my own custom made liveries or downloaded ones either, photomode took 13 mins to eventually load up, then trying to load a car into the scene was a no go. The game is really slow, it freezes when amd loads at every option I click on.

Surely this isn't just a coincidence...
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