Crazy R8 at Indy 500 today

Discussion in 'GT5 Race Reports' started by SoCal Senator, Jan 27, 2015.

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    Hey all, doubt anyone is reading this forum, but something happened today I had not seen before after playing GT5 (and the whole series) for years. Towards the end of the A Spec Indy 500 I was running today, the second place car (Audi R8 Race Car '01) just stopped running past probably pit road speed. It pitted every lap, but came out on track and was in the racing line all the way around at idle speed, causing much havoc with the other cars. Many of the other cars had warped wings by the end from the collisions with it, and I got to see some high speed AI wrecks with lots of smoke. I had not really seen that before in any of the GT series. Only thing that came close was I recall at the end of a B Spec endurance race years ago my Bob got "stuck" in idle after the race was over, and it would not let me finish the race to get the payout or XP (sooooo frustrating that was, had to run it again!), but all the other cars were doing the same thing, no tires, no fuel left, just idling around the track at like 15 mph--but that was some kind of glitch.

    Anyone else see anything like this before?

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    Apart from having cars pit in on the first lap on Nurb 24H, no I haven't