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  1. iluvgt4


    Ah yes. Hybriding. The way of Gamesharking parts from various cars on to another. Here we can give ideas of hybrids. Here's how:

    Tell me:
    What car you're gonna swap parts into
    What parts you're swapping in and where each particular part came from
    A nickname for the hybrid

    Just to let you know you don't need a Gameshark or anything like that for this thread, though you can have one ready if you want to replicate the ideas seen here. And the hybrid idea can be as crazy as you want it to be.

    Here's my idea:
    De Lorean
    Nickname: "So much for 88 mph"

    Parts to swap in? Hmmm...
    Mazda 787B steering, Suzuki GSX/R4 suspension, TVR Speed 12 engine (with racing exhaust and chip to get it close to 88 x 10 horses), Chevrolet Camaro LM Race Car brakes, Suzuki Escudo drivetrain, Nissan GT-R Concept LM Race Car transmission, no driving aids available.
  2. SuperShouden

    SuperShouden (Banned)

    How about:
    Nickname: "The Dragon"

    Parts to swap:
    Viper V10 engine and steering, Audi LeMans drivetrain, brakes and transmission. No modificatons (or add them if you want).
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  3. Rykon Zero

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    NOT going to be a good idea. The "steering" actually, if I'm not mistaken, is tied to the chassis, suspension, and diffs, not to mention the tires, so you aren't going to get the effect you want.

    Everything else, eh... GSX/R4 is a bit stiff for my tastes, 880 hp is easy, the brakes actually have little to no effect on stopping ability, drivetrain on the Escudo may be problematic, but workable, and the GT-R transmission should work fine.

    Admittedly, I really shouldn't post here to begin with. Any hybrids I do come up with are more than likely classified, or already done. And I'm not going to just give you the schematics, I'm going to make you find them in my gallery.

    That said, there was a silly one I made that isn't going in my gallery.

    Honda Z-Act
    Nickname: "SCIENCE"
    Parts: Nissan Skyline R34 drivetrain, engine, and LSDs, weight modifier (75%) power modifier (150%), BMW M5 Transmission.

    Goes like... Loss of an analogy, really. Very fast.
  4. C-ZETA


    Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sport Limited '97
    Nickname: Little Ripper

    Parts to swap: Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evo2 engine and steering, Mitsubishi Mirage fully modified brakes, GT-R Concept LM transmission. No need for drivetrain since it's already 4WD.
  5. tankuroded


    Car: Honda Civic TypeR 98 spec
    Nickname: Fireball

    Engine: NSX LMRC
    Drivetrain: 4WD (sourced from Odyseey)
    Tranny: Takata NSX
    Brake: Takata NSX
  6. Joker-GTBR


    Sauber Mercedes C9
    Nickname: The Ultimate One

    Parts to swap: a 7-speed Formula GT Transmission. It's everything the car needs to dominate
  7. SaraFoxy15


    Is there a code for dirt tires on all cars or is that a thing only doable via hybriding?