Create your own Campaign in GT7 and GTS

Hi Polyphony Digital! I have a new uptade to offer for Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo 7. I think a very cool and new idea would be to create your own campaigns. My point here is that you could create your own competition with computer opponents. For example, you could: set what cars your opponents should drive, set specific competition limits, set the weather, and so on. Why do I think it will be fun, because players will be able to create brand new and interesting campaigns / competitions, and there will be campaigns / competitions from old Gran Turismo games and I think it will be very interesting. I would like to ask for an answer what do you think about it, because I think it would be something completely new and very interesting. Regards!
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Personally, I think tons could be done with this: American Sports Car Series, Muscle Car Series, Luxury Car Championship, Nissan-only Series, 1000 KM Races, even 24 Hour races which don't seem to be in the game at the moment. Either that, or I haven't completed all Menu Books.