CSR ELITES are in transit to those who pre-ordered!!!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by ShylockHolmes, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. ShylockHolmes

    ShylockHolmes (Banned)

    I just checked my Fanatec account, as I do daily, and my CSR Elite wheel has changed from 'paid' to 'delivered'. If you pre-ordered you're going to be very happy soon :cheers:

    If you haven't pre-ordered they're open again according to Thomas' blog at 911wheel.de
  2. gslooney


    It's on route!!:cheers:

    But UPS scheduled delivery date has already pushed it out a day from the email from fanatec! ETA currently end of day 20th! December :grumpy: (Just in time for the snow!!)

    UPDATE 1: Met Office issues weather warning

    Large parts of Scotland are facing possible travel disruption on Monday, following a Met Office weather warning.

    Much of Perth and Kinross, arterial routes in Glasgow and parts of Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders are most at risk from snow and ice.

    UPDATE 2: Well the Snow didn't materialize thankfully ;) UPS have now changed the delivery date to the 21st! :grumpy:(3 days later than fanatecs shipping note!!):mad:

    UPDATE 3: Could it take a more indirect route :) it's in Scotland now, the wrong side of the country but it's in Scotland anyway.. woo hoo, but I have to take an old friend to hospital today. What's the betting they try and deliver it whilst I'm out :)


    Edinburgh, United Kingdom 20/12/2011 7:20 Departure Scan
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom 20/12/2011 6:39 Arrival Scan
    Castle Donnington, United Kingdom 20/12/2011 5:35 Departure Scan
    Castle Donnington, United Kingdom 20/12/2011 2:20 Arrival Scan
    Barking, United Kingdom 19/12/2011 21:42 Departure Scan
    Barking, United Kingdom 19/12/2011 15:35 Arrival Scan
    Herne-Boernig, Germany 16/12/2011 23:53 Arrival Scan
    Hamburg, Germany 16/12/2011 19:30 Departure Scan
    16/12/2011 18:11 Origin Scan (picked up from fanatec storage/customs?)
    Germany 15/12/2011 10:23 Order Processed: Ready for UPS Pickup
    Thursday 15 December, 2011 at 3:30 Fanatec Emails tracking info
    Wednesday 14 December, 2011 Fanatec Order status changes to Paid
    Tuesday 13 December, 2011 Order Date
  3. gslooney


    Update 4:

    Well at 11:00 am today I got a call from UPS.....
    We have a package for you but no delivery address!!
    How can that be the case..

    I've just gotten home and sitting in front of me is a fantastic looking Wheel...

    What's that honey you have a list of tasks things that need fixing.... but I was just going to....:indifferent:

    guess what I'll be doing later? :mischievous:
  4. gslooney


    Update 5

    Fantastic looking Wheel.
    Fantastic feeling Wheel.

    Sounds Crap :)

    No audio via the jack port.. looks like a loose jack socket on the PCB to me. hope they just send the PCB or a Whole Wheel? don't want to have to send it back and wait.
  5. VWMasteR


    1 of my 2 packages has entered Canada this morning. Updates apparently are not high on USPS / Canada Post to do list.