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    Not sure if this has ever been asked or considered. I tried a search and couldn't come up with anything.
    It seems the PD vehicle weights are close to the actual curb weight of a particular car.


    The '98 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version V is 1270kg in-game, and a web search says it's 1260kg. Close enough for this car (for me).

    So, we can assume the PD weight is the curb weight with no driver, correct? The reason I ask is, does anyone ever add ballast to compensate for the weight of the driver (or specifically yourself)? I weigh 89kg, so it seems logical to add this as ballast, since the more you weigh, the more the car would struggle under load.

    Just wondering if anyone had some thoughts, insight or studied this in GT. Thanks :)
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    Hi there :)

    Like everything else around here, there are plenty of differing opinions about this. I've done some research into IRL weight and distribution stats for a few replica projects and found that the curb weight is often the data used by PD. However WD stats are often a little out (due to algorithms used to make rhe data fit the model I presume :)). There are some who believe that depending on which game mode you are playing, that the weight of driver and fuel are simulated, after the fact (your car on track will have this included but won't change data in the settings screen in the race menu.)

    From experience in competing in a number of online endurance events, when fuel/tyre wear is on, differences in handling and acceleration due to different fuel loads is easily noticed :). However if fuel/tyre wear is off the fuel load is permanently at low levels and the weight difference is minimal. Can't say for sure about the driver though :O.

    I have seen a few tunes in the database which have had ballast added for this purpose and I know @Ridox2JZGTE uses a lot of official test data when creating his replicas which vary depending on the sources :).

    Hope this helps :cheers: