Custom Prize Credits and Prize Cars for Online Leagues and Lobbies

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Lancaster, PA
This is an idea for online leagues and lobbies and something that could also work with a hypothetical Event Creator.

Anyway, the online league and lobby organizer(s) can determine the credit payout for each race in an event, whether to give the winner a championship bonus, and what kind of prize car to award.

The credits and cars would come from the lobby organizer’s own in-game credit balance and garage, respectively. Or one could opt for a lobby/league pool, which would collect credit and car donations from each of the participants.

This would be a more constructive way for players to get rid of duplicates that they can’t sell or wouldn’t be able to get many credits for. Or, let’s just say you’ve hit the credit limit and don’t have any new cars to buy, you could choose to donate some of those funds to an online event instead.

Here’s an example of how it can work:

Let’s say that I host an online Mazda Eunos Roadster championship event and there are 10 participants. I want to include a 500,000 cr. championship bonus for the winner, so everyone (myself included) pitches in 50,000 cr. each. As for the prize car, I have an undriven Mazda Roadster Touring Car in my garage. I elect to put that up as the prize car.

The only thing that makes me question the feasibility of this is whether or not it would be considered “gambling,” even if it’d only involve in-game virtual currency. I know that gambling laws vary by country, too, so that’s something else to consider.
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