Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.47 Update)

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Opened my tickets from the week today.

Got 2x crappy parts, 3x 10k, 2x 30k 1x 500k (yeah!) and a Fairlady.
The car ticket from the weekly challenges gave me a Tomahawk X. Not something I really wanted but hey, at least I now own the most powerful "car" in game😄
Almost identical with my previous week tickets except one car more.
with many players discussing the same thing, can't be a coincidence
how much is many ?

I vote coincidence too.

Got a 3* ticket for DW, which handed me another car... I can't believe it, now that I have nearly every car except some from LCD, 3 and 4* keep giving me cars (that I have of course). But hey that's better than 5k and sometimes better than 10 or 30k.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20231210193743.jpg
After days of just getting 5k or 10k credits on the wheel, today granted me a Renault R.S.01 '16 on a 4-star ticket. Not complaining 🤝
After days of just getting 5k or 10k credits on the wheel, today granted me a Renault R.S.01 '16 on a 4-star ticket. Not complaining 🤝
Licky you , my story goes like this :
After days of getting 5k or 10k credits on the wheel, ....... I continue getting 5k, 10k or 30k .
Ok ,i also get and parts which is worst but not complaining ,i have hopes for the next year 😂
DW 4* brought ANOTHER car, that's crazy, now a Porsche 911 GT3 RS '16 😱 worth 253k Cr. not sold yet, I'll have to check the price... [Edit] sold for 108k...
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I had 4 tickets today - all in all, not exactly overwhelming:

Xmas login bonus: 6* (Parts) - Ultra High RPM Turbocharger for a Bugatti Chiron (42,000 Cr. - could have been worse but not great)
WC 3 Events ticket: 200,000 Cr. :)
DW ticket: 4* - Fully Customisable Suspension for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series (24,000 Cr. - already owned) :(
All Bronze Master IA license ticket: 5* - 100,000 Cr. :( (lowest prize available)
Another crappy week .

3* ........ 5k and 10 k
4* 10k 😡 and 10k again 🤬 and ooops 30k 👀 , continuing gave a a Lexus gr3 and the last one a semi excaust 💩 for a Lamborghini.

As about invitations i see none as a content , thank God i don't need desperately one of them .

At least with the Lexus don't have to sing ...... another one bites the dust.
Could be worst ?
Yes could be if instead of lexus was the semi racing gearbox or another 10k for example.
Many 10k rewards lately in 4* tickets.
PD on " Sales " for Christmas period to cover the loss from daily longing gifts.

Ok , i can live with that
Today's 4* gives me.

Ceramic Brakes.
Gran Turismo® 7_20231217064017.jpg

Todays' 5* login ticket gives me.
Gran Turismo® 7_20231217064038.jpg

3B+ Worth of cars and this game thinks I cant afford ceramic brakes, not sure why I even bother opening this useless tickets anymore.👍
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I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I got two ceramic brakes and a 130k engine from my holiday rewards. This is frustrating. I got ceramic brakes from the last weekly challenge 5 star ticket too.

They’re worth like 15k what are they doing in 6 star part tickets and 5 star tickets?

Why do I get them at like an 80%+ rate????
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