Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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I didn't even know that there's a invite for Citroen. Which model is it needed for?
GT by Citroen Road Car

Today i open 7 tickets 2X3*. 4X4* and a crap 6* for parts.
6* gave a carbon shaft 🥴
4* the usual 30k X3 and the one of them 500k for the first time !!!.
2X3* ..... don't ask 😂
I wanted to save them but accidentally push back button and blew it , so i open and the previous week that i got exactly the same things and just save only one that has an Aston invitation.

Could be worst ?
Considering that i could get 470k less, it could be but ......... could be way better also.
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