Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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Horrible month with the Wheel of Despair - the 'highlight' was the back to back 6 star parts tickets 💩 At least today it gave me a BC car that I didn't have in the garage saving me a cool million credits - McLaren VGT. I grew to hate this car after the recent TT at Suzuka and vowed to never buy it. Wish Granted! :D
I got a rather nice 800,000 Cr. Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 from a 4* ticket, which was a pleasant and timely reminder that even a 4* ticket can be nice sometimes.

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Damn, my long overdue Bugatti Invitation made an appearance on the 'Wheel of Despair' today and, of course, it landed on the top left position which doesn't hit that much anymore. :irked: I have three invitation tickets to open tomorrow and hope for a change...:indiff:

DW 4* for a useless part to a useless car...:yuck:
I earned 500k off a 5-star ticket yesterday, I forgot to mention it!

@Touring Mars nice, it's always good to get those high dollar Astin models!
Yeh, I like the fact that you rarely get a car you already have too, so it's basically a spend you've saved/don't have to make in the future... and from a 4* ticket it's pretty sweet too.
From the new extra menu 6* -> 500k (which is the minimum a 6* can bring)

DW 4* -> Citroën invite that I don't need and I forgot to quit the game before saving the ticket... currently having 3 useless active invites (Citroën, Ferrari and Lamborghini)
DW 5 star --> 100k

The 6 star ticket from the new menu gave me a Ferrari FXX which, oddly enough, I already have. lol...sold the old one for 2.5 million credits! nice...

edit - oh silly me. I hadn't looked closely at the actual menu and thought the FXX was one of the cars you needed to have to get the reward. It isn't...so not so odd that I already had it. :)
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Got a GAC Maverick from a 5 star daily marathon ticket yesterday, didn't have it still but was planning on buying it soon to complete its associated menu book. Saved me 300k, got a new car and completed an extra menu book, not bad.
Update 1.46
April 25 - (6-star menu) 500000 credits, (6-star parts workout) Ultra-High RPM Turbocharger for RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02
April 26 - (6-star Weekly Challenge parts) Titanium Connecting Rods & Pistons for Amuse NISMO 380RS Super Leggera, (6-star workout) 500000 credits, (6-star Weekly Challenge car) DP-100 VGT
April 27 - (3-star) 10000 credits
April 28 - (3-star) 10000 credits
April 29 - (4-star) 30000 credits
April 30 - (4-star) High Lift Camshaft for M4 Safety Car
May 1 - (4-star) 10000 credits
May 2 - (4-star) Crown Athlete G '13
May 3 - (4-star) Mercedes-AMG GT R '17
May 4 - (4-star) 10000 credits
May 5 - (3-star) BRZ Drift Car '17
May 6 - (4-star) 10000 credits

Update 1.47
May 7 - (4-star) 10000 credits
May 8 - (3-star) 10000 credits
May 9 - (4-star) Racing Crankshaft for 911 GT3 RS (991) '16
May 10 - (3-star) 10000 credits, (5-star Weekly Challenge) 500000 credits
May 11 - (4-star) 10000 credits
May 12 - (4-star) 1000000 credits
May 13 - (3-star) 500000 credits
May 14 - (4-star) 30000 credits
May 15 - (3-star) 5000 credits
May 16 - (4-star) Citroen invite
May 17 - (4-star) 30000 credits
May 18 - (4-star) 10000 credits
May 19 - (6-star engine) Hellcat engine
May 20 - (4-star) Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for FXX K '14
May 21 - (5-star) 100000 credits
May 22 - (4-star) 30000 credits
May 23 - (4-star) Height-Adjustable Sports Suspension for RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02
May 24 - (6-star Weekly Challenge parts) Bore Up S for GR Supra RZ '19, (3-star workout) 5000 credits, (6-star Weekly Challenge car) GTI Roadster VGT
May 25 - (4-star) 10000 credits
May 26 - (4-star) Semi-Racing Muffler for NSX '17
May 27 - (4-star) Genesis Gr. B Rally Car
May 28 - (4-star) 10000 credits
May 29 - (4-star) 30000 credits
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Woah, got 1M credits on a 6-star ticket, that'll cover the credits I didn't earn from the X-bow challenge. See I only got silver there.