Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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Finally, from today's daily marathon 4 star ticket I got

Yesterday i was boring so i took a " ride " to my junkyard to see what i got .

So far 11 shafts ( carbon not whatever)
12 exhausts various type.
11 high lift cam shafts !!!!!
8 bottles
And various turbo and other junk .

Need few bottles more to build the fence in the final side 🤣

One week that haven't see 3* ticket and got 2 of 6* the one was engine.
The wheel is under malfunction 😂
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PD & the wheel of misery are both trolling me big time! First, I am getting far too many DW 3* tickets for 5k credits and today the Gods gave me a DW 4* ticket with my long overdue Bugatti Invitation spinning round and round but noooooooo - 10k credits for you sucker! 💩💩💩
Cleaning out some piled up tickets today.

1st 4-star ticket gave 1 mil credits

...then right after the next 4-star gave 10K,

...and then right after that the next 4-star gave 500K

After that was a 6-star that gave 500K and a 5-star that gave 100K.....so in this batch it seems the 4-stars were better to have lol.
The only roulette ticket that is more worthless than an invite ticket is one that gives you Nitrous...
Nitrous is totally useless in any way shape or form as far as I know in proper Racing, is not legal in WEC, F1, Nascar, SuperGT, and other such organized racing. You cannot use it in any online racing, and almost half of the offline races too.
If you need nitrous to win, pity on you that you can't drive well.
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