Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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lol I just received a 6 star (PARTS) ticket for my DW reward. I won a turbo for a BRZ drift car! What a ludicrous thing. This is not a reward Kaz! This is a slappable offence! :lol:
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4th day in a row 3* ticket.......
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So you're close to your target .
3 Griding races and you'll be ready for the next ...... bankrupt .
hahaha yes! Well, I get 250k tonight for my TT bronze (damn Nordschleife!!) so with 3 grinds and that I'll be at about 18.7m credits...so I'll still have 700k in the bank after I buy that 917! :lol: Then I start grinding for the next one...
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I am so relieved that the grind is behind me, now I get to use the little time I have to play to do things I enjoy, without even thinking about how much it gives me credits relative to the time spent racing. My account floats around 65-70M with monthly expenses (new cars mainly) and monthly gains (a bit of TT, weeklies, and sometimes roulette) and I have 12 costly Ferraris in the garage if I need more credits.
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DW 5* ! -> Ferrari invite 💩

4th invite in less than 2 weeks, just when I don't need anymore invites. At the beginning of the year, while I was desperately waiting for a Lambo and Porsche invite, I got 1 invite in 3 months 😝

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