Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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25.5 = 4 Star = 5 Cars on the Table.. i got one of them :P Z Performance
26.5 = 4 Star = 2 Cars on the Table.. 1 Part, 2 Credit´s, i got the lowest one 30.000 Credits.
I got a 4 star roulette today : Choice between 5 cars, got the Audi VGT Gr1 (worth 1M, pretty cool)
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April 25th: 4 Star - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Gr. B Road Car

My second best prize so far (got a GT-R Gr.B once).
Got 2 cars yesterday, one from the 6 star ticket for completing menu 39 (at last) and the other from a 4 star daily marathon ticket.

Interestingly the 4 star one had all cars as rewards which I've never seen before.
Yesterday (26th) I got 3 star with the usual smallest pile of coins - 5000 credits.

Will update later with todays.
Got an RE Amiyiya yesterday and a Stage 5 weight reduction for the Ford GT’17.

I won’t be using either. I tried the RE but not to my taste and I don’t like the Ford GT.

Wish there was an online market or I could gift the Stage 5 to someone who would want it.
Yesterday I’ve won 500k with a 3-star ticket, today 10k again with a 3-star ticket.
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Bugatti invitation - don’t care about this
Mazda roadster touring car - decent, probably won’t drive it
valves and cam for Golf gti - decent prize and added to the car. Golf has so,e tuning done it so a decent freebie.
Then credits. Highest so far 10000
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I saved the first 50 roulette tickets (6 or 7 expired, I didn't realize they expired), Then I rolled the remaining ones. I have won 1 nice car, a few mediocre ones, and iirc 30k instead of 5k or 10k only ONCE. All other times it is lowest value prize. One engine, btw. a handful of parts. But instances of getting the best prize in the group, it is not more than 1 out of 50. More than 50, since I've rolled prob 20 more since the initial group.

I'll keep meticulous records in the future, when my office, desk, & computer get put back together.
April 25, 3 star, nitro for Nissan GT-R B Rally
April 26, 1 star, 2000 Cr
April 27, 2 star 10000 Cr
April 28, 1 star, 10000 Cr
April 29, 3 star, 5000 Cr
25/04 - 2 star/5,000 credits
27/04 - 3 star/5,000 credits
28/04 - 2 star/5,000 credits
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