Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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June 15; 3 star ticket, 10.000 credits.

  • This week;
June 13; 4 star ticket, 10.000 credits.
June 14; 2 star ticket, 10.000 credits.
June 15; 3 star ticket, 10.000 credits.
Nice to see I'm not the only one stuck in the 10k rut. 4 days straight I've had 10k prizes which is better than 5k or 2k I suppose.
Picked the game up again I hate it at this point. Could have been a great game but now it just not fun. Did a long ass race came in 19th got invite for a car I can’t afford and don’t want, couldn’t drive well anyway.
June 21st

Main:- 4Star = 30000 Credits
GTP:- 3Star = 5000 Credits
US:- 3Star = 10000 Credits
Aussie:- 2Star = 5000 Credits

I Opener two Tickets Yesterday.

After a Long streak of 5k and 3k Tickets ...

I Got the Aston Martin Vulcan 16 from a 5 Star Ticket and 20k from a three Star Ticket.

My assumption: The Ticket knew right from the start, what it includes - everything Else ist Just Show.

Thought I was finally going to land an engine swap but ended up getting BAC shocks instead 🤨

Got 100k from a 5 star this morning, not complaining but the 500k or 1,000,000 would have been nicer 😂
100k is the worst prize you can get in a 5 star ticket. So... you could kind of complain there xD.

Worst prizes for each ticket:

1 star: 2k
2 star: 5k
3 star: 5k
4 star: 10k (it used to be 5k, but it was probably changed after one of the early updates where it changed the roulette animations)
5 star: 100k
6 star: 500k

And while I'm at it, can any of you guys provide me with evidence pics (with the ticket stars/prizes and the prize won in seperate images) or video evidence of the following prizes?:

1 star: 30k
2 star: 100k
3 star: 30k
4 star: 100k
4 star: 1 million

Why I ask this? Because it's possible to get 100k in a 1 star ticket. However, after seeing quite a lot of videos, I am yet to see a 1 star ticket reward anyone with the 30k prize, which is strange because... If it can give 100k, why the hell can it not give the 30k one which is lower?
The same applies to the 3 star ticket which is even more bizarre since it's 2 tiers above the one star and you can even get 500k on a 3 star (5 gold bars).

Another Bizarre thing is that I've seen quite a lot of 2 stars giving 30k but I'm yet to see it give a 100k prize... Or rather, I actually have 1 result of it on my spreadsheet, which I'm almost sure it's not wrong because I double check these all the time. But I'm not 100%, and after such a long time, I'm starting to think it was me just putting the prize on the wrong cell (excel sheet).

And in the 4 star ticket, it's the same story... You can get 500k on a 4 star and I've heard about people saying you can also get 1 million (I still have it at 0 results so I also need confirmation on this). And yet I have 0 results of 4 star tickets giving away 100k (1 gold bar). Which is again... Bizarre.

One more thing I would want confirmation on is on 6 star tickets giving New Engines, Invitations and Rare/Special Car Parts as prizes. So far, I've only seen 4 stars and 5 stars giving away these prizes. The 6 star being the highest tier of ticket quality... It should also give us this specially rare and desirable prizes.
21/06 - 4 star - MX-5 Touring Car. My first car from a ticket, although I've not been playing daily. Still nice to get something other than coins!
So I've got 500k two days in a row. Very happy with the 4* one and very unhappy with the 6* one, I guess it evens out to unbothered.
Got a 5* with a Ferrari invite, carbon shaft and 3 vehicles. Got the GT-R GrB, which I did not own yet. I'm a happy camper.

Side note: This was the 2nd day in a row I saw a Ferrari invite (I currently have NO invites). Coincidence or na? 🤷🏼‍♂️
June 22nd

Main:- 4Star = Car Part
GTP:- 3Star = 5000 Credits
US:- 4Star = 10000 Credits
Aussie:- 2Star = 10000 Credits

June 21; 3 star ticket, 5000 credits.

  • This week;
June 20; 2 star ticket, 5000 credits.
June 21; 3 star ticket, 5000 credits.
June 22; 4 star ticket, 10.000 credits. :grumpy:

  • This week;
June 20; 2 star ticket, 5000 credits.
June 21; 3 star ticket, 5000 credits.
June 22; 4 star ticket, 10.000 credits.
It seems like prizes didn't change this time around. I still got the same stuff I had in a few tickets from before the update.