Open Dakar 2015 - Special Test - Sunday Jan. 4th

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    -- Hello, ALL !

    - This is an event for ALL off-road enthusiast !

    - Since the Dakar Rally is starting this weekend I wanted to do some type of off-road event. As we all know GT6 does NOT have the greatest off-road categories or courses, but that wont stop me from trying!

    - This is a first time event & might turn into more! This event is in a 'special test' format: All participants will start at the same time competing in a 5 lap race @ Willow Springs - Big Willow.

    - This event starts on pavement & quickly veers off into the California Desert on a 'landmark' based custom course!. The course basically 'skirts' the Big Willow layout allowing lap-time & laps to still be counted accurately & fairly.
    - Event settings & Regulations:
    -- Damage: Heavy
    -- 1 Mandatory pit-stop
    -- Tires: CH
    -- 5 Lap Special Test Event
    -- World circuit: Willow Springs - Big Willow

    - Class Regulations:
    -- Mitsubishi PAJERO Rally Raid car '03
    -- 535pp
    -- 1600kg
    -- turbo/engine stage req.


    - Driver Aids:
    -- none

    - Signed-up:


    start time: (7:30am PST/10:30am EST)
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      • Lobby will be open 1/4 @ 7:30am PST(West USA)

        ----- When is the lobby open where you live?

        - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1/4 @ 11:30am

        - London, UK 1/4 @ 3:30pm

        - Munich, Germany 1/4 @ 4:30pm

        - Tokyo, Japan 1/4 @ 11:30pm
    • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    - I would also like to take a moment to remember, not only California's best off-road racer, but easily America's best, Kurt Caselli . Caselli passed away in 2013 competing in a SCORE Baja 1000 event. He stepped in for Marc Coma in 2012 Dakar Rally as a rookie & blew everyone away winning a few Stages in his debut. Caselli would have been competing for the win in the Bike class this year. so, it seems appropriate to remind everyone what could of been! (thnx for watching!)


    Caselli @ BIG 6 am/pro GP event in California


    To sign-up for this event, leave a comment with your PSN ID.
    --- any questions? plz ask!

    ----thnx & cya all on course!
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    You already know I'm there gurizzi! :)
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    I'm in if I can get up early enough! Haha.
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  4. gurizzi

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    Hello, ALL !

    DAKAR - Special Test, Open now!

    -- ALL are welcome!

    - Start in 25min.

    - Add me on PSN to join!

    PSN ID: gurizzi