Dak's Discount Signs

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 2' started by MuoNiuLa, Oct 25, 2012.

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    Okay everyone, I'm curious to know how big your discount on parts are. :)

    I found all 100 of them last night. It was quite fun driving all over Colorado and visiting roads I haven't driven on yet. Some signs are really well hidden too. One sign is located at an abandoned power plant(?) located at the end of the dirt road where you find the BMW M1. Thought that was an interesting place to put one. You really need to look in every crevice to find them as they all won't appear on your map.

    I found about 80 of them on my own, but then I decided to buy the Treasure Map to save me the time of hunting down the rest.

    Now that money is no object, I can spend hours just customizing my cars. :D

    Also, what car(s) did you guys use to find them? I used my Impreza 22B almost exclusively for it, since it's AWD and would help me get through dirt roads easier. It's now my most driven car and has over 300 miles on it after this quest.
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    Yeah, I've been poking my nose into every driveway, field access, and parking lot as I explore the roads. Any nook or crevice that isn't a barn find is bound to be hiding one of Dak's signs.

    I've been free roaming with all sorts of cars -- 22B, E30 M3, FR-S, C2 Sting Ray, Boss 302 Mustang, VR6 swap Beetle, Ruf CTR, Sport Quattro, KPGC10 GT-R...