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    I have been a little quiet as I have been really busy at work but I still managed to pick up this great game. It uses the UE4 game engine and has a great photo mode with advanced RGB options, bloom and big meaty bike to drive around on.

    Came here to see if any of you guys have the game and what you think of it.

    I couldn't see another thread on this, but please link if there is one.
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    Great screens! PS4 Pro? Looks significantly better than a base PS4.

    Early on I was hesitant about this game, at first glance. Seemed a bit cheesy with an un-relatable, generic character set in a generic zombie setting. However, upon finding out that Bend Studios made it, the same studio that made Uncharted Golden Abyss on the PS Vita, (a very solid Uncharted game that I liked a whole lot) I started paying attention. I’ve been playing the game for some time, not completed yet but I can say for sure that the game is far better than I expected it to be.

    For one, I love the nod to Uncharted on the loading screen with the spinning ring in the corner, like Drake’s Fortune. But secondly, I am all about games with well written characters and an attention to detail, things I think Days Gone has. The character interaction is right up there with Uncharted or The Last of Us even if you might think a tattoo covered biker is hard to relate to. That’s a bold statement, but I think it’s true. Never thought I’d care about what happens to some of the characters.

    The zombie genre might be overplayed by now but I think the plot is interesting and unique, still, to set it apart. The horde aspect (large groups of “freakers” or zombies roaming around areas that you can wipe out) is fun and I’ve not seen that sorta thing in games before. It’s also set in a location you don’t see many games (last I can think of was Alan Wake in Washington), the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and the world is stunning. Sadly, on base PS4, the framerate can bog down when it rains in the game, but otherwise I find myself stopping to look around quite often.

    Overall, really happy with the game. I think most reviews have been quite harsh for the game, but I would go into it with an open mind and judge for yourself. I think the game is more than it appears at first glance. It’s a lot of fun, decent story, great characters and gorgeous location. Maybe a bit repetitive at times and I have encountered a few glitches, nothing game breaking or too, too bad, but I think it’s a good quality game worth looking at.
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    I agree with what you said SPhilli911. Yes I am on 4K PS4 Pro, also noticed the Uncharted nods and the story draws you in around the 4-5 hour mark.

    I am now very near the last mission but really do not understand the mixed 'Professional' reviews (4-7) The actual user reviews on MetaCritic are now up to a solid 8.0.

    The Hordes are amazing and so far I keep avoiding them (if I can). Graphics and the amazing dynamic weather i.e hearing thunderstorms roll in (apart from a few pop ins and some frame rate issues) the details are great for such an interactive world. The skin and textures are one of the best if not better than GOW, Spidy and HZD as it has more natural lighting.

    Before release I read quite a few details from Bend and they went for the 'Alive' humans and not 'Dead' Zombies and just 'infected freakers' that are hungry all the time and each one has his own dynamic world so will mostly come out at night but also they come out in the day to feed but yes it is a 'Zombie' Style Open World Game.

    Overall I am also happy with the game and recommend to at least give it a go if you like HZD, Uncharted and Zombie games. :cheers:
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    Was holding off, because of the mixed ratings. Might pick this up in the next sale.
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