DC Photography competition UE: Week 003

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Brisbane, Australia
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This weeks theme, brought to you by @GTAndy36

Theme: Stripes
Description: We all know that racing stripes add an extra 20bhp, so supercharge your photos with stripes. Either on the car, using the environment, road surfaces... be creative!

Entry requirements:
  • It is recommended that you host your entry on an image hosting website, such as Flickr, imageshack or photobucket​
  • The image must not exceed 640px in either direction. If you are using GTPlanet to host you pictures, please post them in their original size.​
  • your entry must be marked in red with the words FINAL ENTRY. if you are unsure of how to create red text, copy and paste this text using square brackets, instead of these ones {color='red'}FINAL ENTRY{/color}. The brackets need to be replaced with these: [ ]​
  • You may change your entry once. If you do so, please quote the post, and state that you have done so.​
  • When entering, please post your picture as either a thumbnail, or as a preview image with a link to the full size.​
  • The preview image must be representative of the full sized image; do not add effects to it.​
  • The winner gets to choose next weeks theme​
Post Driveclub editing:
  • There is to be no post-DC editing in your entry.​

I know it is a shame - all the work you put in...It is appreciated.:cheers: I'm not sure what the answer is. Maybe just try a Free for all edited or unedited open one and see what response you get again rather than narrowing it down to stripes/front on etc. Just throwing in an idea ....Maybe just call it 'Your best photo ever comp'? see how that works 👍
I just think there's less and less people on DriveClub. I for one am going to finish off the DLC today... but I'm not really in the mood for photography at the moment. It takes up too much time out of my day. Of course it's different for everyone.

I can suggest maybe getting in touch via social media to Evolution or the DriveClub pages, stating we've got a photography competition running each week... but we need more entries. You never know they might help with getting the word out there.
I admit to being quite bad at entering pictures right now. The replays will enliven things again for the photomode enthusiasts, I'm sure of it.
I'll submit an entry today.


    • Final ENtry
messed up the red text :lol: can't figure it out​
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