December 18th - GT3 themed photoshoot

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    Hey GTP! This wednesday at 8:00pm EST I'll be looking to find people who would be interested in shooting themed photo shoots once every week or so. This week is GT3 week for me so I'll be using tracks like the full Nurburgring and Spa! I'll open the room at 7:30pm EST and post the room number here. I'm hoping there's a lot of interest as I think we could make some really realistic photos with this. . We'll do some "Slower" laps and keep the group together to try and get some action shots!
    • ..If you're interested please post which GT3 you're interested in using. I'll try and update OP so we don't get any duplicates. I'll be using the Anniversary SLS GT3! .If this is successful then next week I'd like to take suggestions for other themes in the next coming weeks :).
    Again, post if you're interested!
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