Deleting and reinstalling GT5 data: any affect on DLC cars?

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  1. TriEluzai


    Has anyone performed a delete and reinstall of their GT5 install data post 1.05 patch?

    I'm concerned about losing my chrome line and stealth cars. From the XMB, if you go to Game > Game Data Utility > GT5 > press triangle > select Update History you can see that the data for your DLC cars is tied to the install data.

    Will I be able to reinstall and redownload my DLC cars without any problems by going to my downloaded history after re-installation?

    Over the past couple days, I have begun to experience an unusual amount of graphical 'pop-in' during replays and on the GT Academy Round 2-1 Eifel track. For example, moving around in photo mode on a replay of the London track, walls of the nearest buildings will never completely draw in. Also, on Eifel the trees on the hills directly at the end of the front straight pop-in just as I reach the braking point for turn 1. That kind of pop-in is far worse than anything I used to see driving anywhere else in the past, even in the case of far draw distances like the Nordschleife straight.

    Given the amount of hard quits I have had to perform due to the replay/ghost freezing in R2 of GT Academy, I've begun to suspect the install files on my hdd may be a bit corrupted. I know for a fact that I was not experiencing pop-in anywhere near this obvious back in November and December. Eifel could be unique I suppose, but given that I've seen a similar issue in London, I'm not willing to write off the Eifel pop-in as an isolated glitch.

    My primary concern is that I'll lose my ability to reinstall my DLC cars for some reason.

    Could it be even more dangerous that I currently have my 5 chrome line cars and 1 stealth car set to 'share online' in my garage?

    I am aware my game save data is independent of the install data, and it's backed up, so no worries there.

    I would appreciate any guidance.
  2. erik_hunt2001


    I created a extra account on my PS3 to hold alot of junk cars i will never use. When i loaded the game it added my Gamestop DLC cars to that account also. I would create a new account on your ps3 and see if the same thing happens to you before you try anything. At least this may give you a peace of mind if it works.
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  3. Yes. However, you will lose any settings, upgrades and mileage that you have accumulated for them. You would also have to (I'm pretty sure) sit through the update process again when you restarted the game.

    If you want to delete the GT5 install data, you don't have to do it from the XMB. You can (and should) do it from the GT5 options menu instead, which will only delete the install data. DLC will not be affected, nor will the update data. When I deleted my GT5 install data, that is how I did it, and it caused me no problems with my Stealth cars or anything.
  4. TriEluzai


    Just to make sure I understand, are you referring to a new PS3 user or a new PSN account?
    Awesome tip. I was considering deleting the install data in game, but wasn't aware of any direct benefits to doing so.

    I think what I'll do is delete the install data from within GT5, then use the PS3 recovery menu option 4 to rebuild the hdd database, then reinstall the GT5 data. These GT5 graphical glitches are just the newest sign of the hdd showing it may need some maintenance. I've had maybe two freezes just scrolling through the XMB in the past couple weeks. With a 320gb hdd and lots of data recently being reorganized, it was probably inevitable... Thanks for the help!
  5. I would suggest backing up the hard drive as well, just to be safe.
  6. erik_hunt2001


    That was with making a new PSN account. But i was getting at if it added the new cars to a whole another account, then surely your account could get them back. Also if all your deleating is your hdd instal of the game it will do nothing to your save file. All downloading the game does is make the ps3 not have to read from the disk is some instances so you should be fine.

    If you are extreamly worried then do a copy of your save file as a peace of mind
  7. TriEluzai


    @Toronado: FYI, it seems that deleting install data from within GT5 does not remove all installed data. From the XMB, my install data prior to deleting from within GT5 was 17GB. After the deletion the data icon is still present in the XMB, but now it reads as 11GB.

    It would seem that the in game install delete function only deletes the data that is incrementally installed as we progress through the game. Remember the occasional 'installing' indicator that would appear in the bottom right of the screen the first time you accessed a new mode or function? Looks like the in game function only removes that data.

    Luckily, I hadn't put any miles on my chrome line cars yet, and only 200mi or so on my stealth SLS. Being confident that I can re-download the DLC cars and that my main objective is to essentially repair and 'defrag' the hdd to see if I can eliminate the pop-in, I'm going to now delete the remaining 11GB of data from the XMB.
  8. TriEluzai


    Thanks for clarifying erik.
    I noted in the OP that I'm aware about the save data being independent from install data, so no worries there. All of my non copy protected saves are always backed up to a SD card after each play. Thanks for the friendly reminder though. :)
  9. I was curious as well as to what would happen to my dlc when I upgraded to a solid state drive, but I was able to re-download the pre-order bonus cars again without issue. You will also have to download and install the big update again. You should really consider a solid state drive, things are much faster to load! I also noticed that after I had re-installed gt5, all of the seasonal events reset, so to me that indicates that at least some of the seasonal event data is stored on the hard drive. This means that I was able to win those events twice...
  10. Madhouse


    DLC stays in your download history so if the worst happens you don't lose them.

    May be worth checking your HDD isn't on the way out, my PS3 stopped loading the Eiger tracks shortly before the HDD failed and unfortunately that was a few days before the saves got unlocked - that's how I know about the DLC.
  11. How have things changed now that servers are offline? I want to delete the install file that you're prompted about when you first load the game so I can free up space on my hdd. Will I be able to load the latest version?