Designated Drivers Only: FH4 Pub Crawl

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    Hello GTP! After completing most of the story missions in FH4, I was thinking about what I could do next ... and then it dawned on me whilst I was driving around on a winter's eve in my Range Rover with a beer by my side - pubs! What could be more British than a country pub and a pub crawl?! And although I have not searched the highs and lows of the map as of yet, it seems there are a few watering holes (including hotels) in the game. So, my mission is to find and photograph all of them in each of the seasons, with a suitable steed parked outside each establishment e.g. AWD car for winter, cabriolet for summer, etc.

    So, if you are of like mind and would like to contribute to the Great Forza Horizon 4 Pub and Hotel Guide, please post a photo below ...

    Winter - Audi RS2 at Openlodge, Ambleside
    Tipple and snack: Lager top and a packet of pork scratchings

    Winter - Land Rover Range Rover at Blue Yonder, Broadway
    Tipple and snack: Pint of Guinness and a packet of salt n vinegar crisps

    Winter - Ferrari FF at The Plough, Tarn Hows
    Tipple and snack: Half a Strongbow and a pickled egg
    Note: This is a weird one. When I drove past this in the autumn I could have sworn there were signs up saying 'The Plough', but now they are covered in cardboard in winter. There must be another sign nearby which I missed this time around. It's definitely called The Plough.
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