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Hey Everyone

I have a playseat challenge at the moment and recently upgraded from a G29 to a GT DD Pro

I got the foldable rig for a few reasons. Firstly so I could put it away (though I have space to not need to do this) but secondly because while I'd always had this idea to have a chair and wheel I wasn't entirely sure how much id play or enjoy it. Turns out a lot!

Anyway I'd like to start creating a fixed setup and what I'm thinking to start with is keep the playseat but get a monitor stand

From here on in however I want stuff I get to either be upgradable or reusable. Eg with the monitor stand I'd like it to fit a better rig

I've been looking at the Track Racer TR8 and GT Omega Prime, which both seem pretty solid.

Does anyone have any opinion of the GT Omega Art?

Any suggestions of a good solid monitor stand that I could reuse? I've been reading that fixing monitor to rig can lead to screen shaking and want to avoid this

I expect at some point I will get the 8nm kit for the GT DD and I'm already thinking about new pedals as I don't think the CSL pedals are really eny better to use than the G29 so I'd want something that can handle a load cell.

Theres so many threads out there on rate my rig etc it's hard to know where to start.

If you're looking at GT Omega rigs then I'd suggest the Prime Lite. I got one a few months ago and really like it.
You could always add the load cell to the CSL pedals btw.
I built mine my self, it worked out fine.


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