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  1. saskman1950


    While I was making liveries for one of my cars, I tried putting a decal on the side of the wing, but alas I couldn't.

    Has any one ever been able to accomplish this task? If so how?

  2. Spagetti69

    Spagetti69 Premium

    Unfortunately not mate. I would love to be able to paint on top of rear wings.
    Unlocked designs allow rims and certain aero to be painted. Can't seem to be able to paint them on locked liverys though. Which is silly really.
  3. Melting Brains

    Melting Brains

    What he means is he's trying to paint the side of a rear wing. You can paint on top of most rear wings without problems if your design isn't locked.

    Painting on the side of the wing is unfortunately not possible. You may want to Google it too, because I think there are 1 or 2 exceptions, but I'm not sure if that is Forza 3 or 4 :p
  4. saskman1950


    Thanks just the same. I should have made note of the person's design. Unfortunately I was surprised to see a decal on the wing. I'm sure it will show up again.
  5. ExtremeManiac15


    Actually you can but a vinyl on the side of the wing on the evo 10. i have a ryo nfs prostreet paintjob that has that done. so i assume it only works on certain cars in the game.
  6. Doc Savage NDMF

    Doc Savage NDMF

    I've found it to be hit and miss on factory wings. Some aftermarket wings allow it, haven't been able to do anything on the 4za Aero package at all, which sucks.

    Between that and no license plates on chrome bumpers and side trim slash emblems you can't remove ala the Galaxy Wagon or the 73 Ford or 71 Mustang, there's more than enough to frustrate anyone wanting to what they really want to do.

    If there was one thing I could change, being able to paint and or decal these surfaces or remove them entirely is it. You can take the bumpers off some cars, but not the wood grain trim on the wagon...? Silliness indeed.