Devaux Coupe 2001

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    Look at the photo. Then look at the title of the thread. Then look back at the photo. Then look at the year this car was first produced. Now look at the photo again.


    From the Devaux Cars website:

    A leading Australian industrial designer, David Clash unashamedly takes his design cues from the 1930s - a romantic era epitomised by style, elegance and extravagance.

    The spirit of this era flows through much of David's work - from furniture to boats to travel accessories - but is most prominent in his eye-catching automotive designs.

    David Clash has managed his own industrial design practice for over a decade.

    Apart from designing and building several vehicles he has worked for a leading automotive design house and a global vehicle manufacturer.

    Through his business, David's expertise extends to major exhibition design, model making and product design.

    But cars are his true love and the classic 1930s European grand tourers his great passion.

    Indeed, when you look at Devaux Cars' unique flagship, the Devaux coup? you see that David Clash has stepped back in time - back to that amazing era when cars were designed by artists and built by craftsmen.

    Here are technical specs from an article from Classic Driver:

    Engine:DV1 Alloy V8 350 CID 5.7 litre
    Max torque:470Nm / 346lb ft @ 4400rpm
    Max power:361bhp / 270kW @ 5700rpm
    Transmission:4-speed automatic transmission
    Wheels / Tyres:6" x 16" x 72-spoke Dayton wire wheels centre lock, Dunlop 215 - 65 R 16
    Brakes:300mm discs all round
    Front suspension:Fully-adjustable s/steel double wishbone with coil-over dampers
    Rear suspension:Live axle with 4 bar links Panhard rod with coil-over dampers
    Front & rear track:1385mm (54½”)
    Overall length:4800mm (15' 9")
    Overall width:1612mm (5' 3½")
    Overall height:1230mm (4' 6½")
    Wheelbase:2794mm (9' 2")
    Chassis:RHS steel jig welded
    Body:GRP construction hand-laminated
    Weight:1125 kg
    Interior:Muirhead Aviation leather
    Seating capacity:2
    Rear axle:Borg Warner with diff ratio 3.45:1
    Fuel tank:Custom-built aluminium 85 litres capacity
    Radiator:Aluminium high flow incorporating transmission cooler
    Steering:Rack & pinion
    Glazing:Laminated screen, safety glass & acrylic side and rear screens

    And finally some detail pics.




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    That's amazing! I wish more car manufacturers did this. Designing beautiful cars is becoming somewhat of a lost art :boggled:
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    Really a fantastic car design .... the classic lines are still there.
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    My kind of car. Built in a time when art could be driven...
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    Anyone in this car is instantly a badass.
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