DFGT response and modification question.

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  1. muvybuf


    For quite some time I've been unhappy with the range from the throttle on my Logitech Driving Force GT pedal. Seems like I have to push the pedal over half way down to get any response. When the power starts coming on, it comes on too fast! With very little movement, it goes from no throttle to full throttle.

    This makes if very hard for me to come out of most corners with cars that oversteer easily or just have a lot of horse power.

    If I spend enough time with a car I can start to get the hang of it, but it would be much easier if the throttle had a more even response from when the pedal first moves until it maxes out.

    I just wondered if anyone else has this problem and if there is a know modification for the pedal?
  2. clacksman

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    Have you seen the little throttle graph on the HUD in-game correspond to your thoughts? Not that I'm questioning your issue, but have you pushed the throttle (say, with your hand) while watching the graph to see exactly how much 'dead zone' there is?

    Whatever the result, contact Logitech first if you are still under warranty ... or even if you are not. They have generally good customer service.
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    I owned a Driving Force GT for about 10 months. The wheel is definitely not worth the cost. At least when I initially bought it at $165. I noticed on my second DFGT (first one died in one wheel of purchase :() after about 3 months the brake peddle didn't work when you first pressed it. This happen to me many times, as I stupidly forgot to press it down before going into the first corner in a race.

    There are definitely issues with the wheel. But that was my problem with the peddle. However that is no longer my concern because I sold the DFGT and bought a G25. I never looked back or doubted that purchase. :)
  4. superwally

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    If you go to Logitech's website, you can DL software for your DFGT to your PC, then hook the DFGT to the PC and play around with the settings. I'm not sure if you can do anything with the pedals, but it's worth a look, and free.

    I disagree with CWR, my wheel has been perfect and well worth the cost.:tup:
  5. muvybuf


    Thanks for the info...

    I have noticed that on occasion, that the brakes don't work the first time I use them. It is most shocking on the first turn on Daytona Road when I go crashing into the wall!

    I'll try to get the wheel on the PC and see if there is anything I can do to spread out the throttle action. If I come up with a solution, I'll be sure to post it. It's always easier to ask if someone else has already solved the problem.
  6. superwally

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    I never noticed the problem with the pedals, but maybe that's because I often use them as my A and B buttons when navigating menus with the wheel. I tried to find the direct link to the Logitech software, but I'm not having much luck, I apparently erased that email. Good luck!
  7. clacksman

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    Always brake during the starting sequence, make sure you see the red brake indicator graph max out.
  8. Watevaman



    The PC software superwally is talking about is available there for PC users. Just use the dropdown boxes to select your OS, etc..

    And the brake pedal deal is a calibration problem, I believe. Mine does it, too, so the first thing you should do when you sit down to play is press both pedals and spin the steering wheel to make sure the calibration is complete. However, the pedal sensitivity is just something you have to learn to use right. :(
  9. Chadwicksracing

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    If you had to replace one and then having problems with the 2nd one. You might see where I am coming from.

    Right now it costs a new user about $115 for the wheel. That is a good price, and well worth it. But that extra $50 was not. In hind sight I should have just spent $260 for the G25. I've had no issues with it. DFGT is a very cheap wheel.


    I saw on youtube a $3000 wheel compared to a G25... they never mntiond a DFGT, and the G25 was a little noisier, and a little bit more jerky, for $2750 less.
  11. Mad Matt


    I don't want to take away anything from people who've had problems with this wheel but I've had mine for three years or more and never had any problems.

    I've used it on my PC as well (with the software linked to above).

    I've never needed to calibrate it, it's always worked well. I've never cleaned it or serviced it and even the kids haven't broken it!
  12. cpp214


    I have both a DFGT and a G25, and I've never had any problem with the pedals on the DFGT. That would be their one weakness though, I suppose. The pedals don't seem too well-constructed to me, in comparison with the G25.

    But, to be honest, I think it's a coin-flip in terms of choosing which is a better wheel: DFGT or G25. I have both of them, and their so even, it's scary :scared:.

    The pedals are way better on the G25, but the wheel itself (with it's excellent selection/location of buttons), and Force Feedback on the DFGT is better than the G25 IMO. I don't use the clutch on the G25, but for those that do, I guess there's what--a .010 quicker shift time than simply using a paddle/sequential shifter? And you can also select the gear you want instead of having to cycle through them, so that would be a bit of an advantage in online racing I guess (as well as a few time trials, where you can only achieve the optimum lap with a clutch).

    You can't go wrong with either one as far as I'm concerned. The fastest/best driver I know of (GTP_DHolland, as well as other great ones) uses the DFGT. Plus, it's about $120--130 cheaper than the G25.
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  13. humpus


    This only happens the first time you touch the brake after starting your ps3.
    Just touch the brake once before your first race. I have a G25 and the first time I press the brake it takes a second to respond.
  14. humpus


    How can you own a G25 and not use the clutch... :odd:
    It makes GT5:p a completely other game!
  15. Stevisiov

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    Call me crazy, but i don't use the clutch either, its doesn't feel real like a cars clutch so I would rather not use it.
  16. I bought the DFGT instead of the G25 because I viewed the clutch as something extra that would not get used. I had heard the wheels themselves were very close overall so why spend more for something I wasn't going to use.

    Personally I view the cars I drive in the game as race prepped street cars and have had a sequential gearbox installed.