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Discussion in 'GT5 Prologue' started by AngloAmerican, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. AngloAmerican

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    Hey Guys

    Well since the launch of GT5 is imminent i finally ditched the DS2/DS3 and bought myself a wheel. The controller has served me well, but well i saw the wheel in the store and figured id get it. I am known as Mr Impulse in my household apparently :lol:

    Anyway i hooked it up and did some runs on track. After spinning out numerous times i finally got to where i can do laps without doing so, albeit slower than before with the controller. It really is different, and i just hope im patient and stick with it, rather than going back to the trusty old DS3. Ive heard its the best way to go.

    Looking up online ive read suggestions from folks saying to others who have had issues, that they should change the wheel weigh,t and saturation and whatnots, but i cannot seem to find any setting like that in GT5P. Is there someplace in the game where i can change these settings?, because for the life of me i cannot find them. All i see is the force feedback and physics.

  2. DTM

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    In the main menu of GT5P you go to settings. Scroll down and will see diffrent wheels. THe first picture of a wheel are the general setting of the wheel. Next to it, find the DFGT wheel for button settings.

    Good luck with the wheel.

    At first you will be slower with the wheel but when you hang in and keep practicing you will find you pace and be quicker with hte wheel.
  3. AngloAmerican

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    Thanks for the info.

    Ive been inside those settings and all i see is ways where i can change the buttons on the wheel............eg driving view, shift up, shift down etc etc. I do not see anything that will change the wheel weight or numerous saturation settings that ive read about online.

    Thanks again.

  4. DGiant2000

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    The left hand icon in the steering wheel settings is the one you want, not the specific DFGT one. This one has the general settings such as FFB in it.
  5. AngloAmerican

    United States Douglasville, GA

    Yep ive been inside there also yet didnt see the wheel weight adjustment or saturation.

    Maybe i read it wrong online or something. :indiff: Im sure someone told a new user of the DFGT wheel to adjust those two settings. :indiff:

    Kinda weird but oh well.

    As a new user should i have a higher FF setting or Mid/Lower one. Also what is best for the power assist settings??.


  6. Beliall

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    Not all games have those settings, persevere on gt5:p, its the perfect wheel for it in my opinion.
  7. AngloAmerican

    United States Douglasville, GA

    Oh i will be. Its much more enjoyable and immersive in my opinion with a wheel.

    I guess i should of added that the car i chose to learn in was the Dodge Viper :crazy: :lol: :crazy:

    Im kinda guessing i need something a little easier to drive whilst learning the new wheel huh?.

  8. DGiant2000

    England The Gravel Trap

    FFB settings are really down to personal preference I think, I use 7 myself but I know it ranges from 2-10 for the guys I race regularly with. Try it out and see what feels best. The car can make a difference too (try the f2007 on 10 at Fuji!!). Just make sire you are on simulation with the steering assistance off :tup:
  9. AngloAmerican

    United States Douglasville, GA

    I have tried various FFB settings, and i feel setting it on anything from 8-10 suits me. I always use simulation, and the steering wheel assistance is always off. :)

    This may be a little stupid of me without actually checking it out first, but are we supposed to keep changing that FFB setting for every car we drive? And if so, will the settings be saved with that setting on GT5P/GT5 for everycar?.

    Hope that not to much of a noobish question, but it just came to mind.

  10. terminator363

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    Why is the DFGT so hard to control after you go into a spin??

    It's like you can't possibly recover
  11. AngloAmerican

    United States Douglasville, GA

    It does seem twitchy and hard to control whilst the car is wigging out on me. Im assuming tuning the cars suspension and all that may help out. But from what ive read that seems to be something you have to unlock in the game?.

    Seems kinds silly to have to unlock the rights to tuning up cars :crazy: The "Real Driving Simulator"........... i think not.

    Does anyone know if that is going to be changed for GT5??. Id try to read up on stuff like that but there are just so many threads and posts. If i tried i may miss the release date :lol:

  12. Starfirebird

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    I wouldn't think you would have to worry about that in GT5.As long as you've got the money to buy a racing suspension you'll be able to tune.

    The reason why they chose to give you tuning options after you completed the game in GT5P was to prolong the life of the game.I've had my copy for a while and i still play it. :tup:
  13. AngloAmerican

    United States Douglasville, GA

    ahhh that makes sense. Didnt think of it that way :tup:

    Im sooooo looking forward to GT5 :drool:

  14. Starfirebird

    United States Tennessee,USA

    You and me both.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the track creator :drool:
  15. djs


    I have the same question.
    Not only i cannot do a proper drift, also i cannot recover once lose it at some speed.. The ffb simply doesn't let you rotate the wheel fast enough in order to countersteer. I have the ffb at 5.
    I've been using the wheel for a year now and this is the only area i don't see any progress.

    What do you think guys?
  16. jimantonic


    I use my DFGT on FFB setting 10 and have no problems, you may be struggling because its 900 degree steering.
  17. djs


    You mean you can drift with that setting? I amire you...
    Me, i just cannot.:nervous:
  18. AngloAmerican

    United States Douglasville, GA

    One thing the wheel has taught me is how to drive properly. Compared to the DS3 im much more smooth and my braking and lines are much better.

    I never did understand when i read others on here saying that people should drive slower to go faster around the track (or words to that effect).

    Now ive had the wheel for a week or two i fully understand what they meant when they said that :)

    Its still a learing curve, but i doubt i would enjoy playing it as much if i had to go back to that trusty old DS3...........god rest its soul.

  19. TURNER_042

    England Preston, England

    i'm learning to drift now with the DFGT, i think its brilliant. currently on a 13K drift score :D.

    its a great wheel
  20. I got a DFGT today for GT5 but only managed to test it with Prologue for now. I've never used a wheel before for games. I prefer it to a controller, specially using the pedals but the wheel and force feedback feels abit clunky. I know it supports 900 degrees and that feels ok and smooth when the wheel is turned off but when the wheel is on its feels stiff, prologue doesn't support 900 anyway but the general steering feels stiff and the feedback feels clunky and doesn't feel realistic to me. I've changed a couple of the settings and I'll post them below so feel free to recommend I change anything or if I've missed something. Thanks

    Steering Settings:
    Steering Type - Simulation
    Power-Assisten Steering - On
    Feedback Strengh - 3

    Driving options:
    Active Steering - Off
    Driving Physics - Professional
    Active Stability Control - On
    Traction Control - Off
    Active Steering - Off
    Active Stability Management - On