DGC SimRacing - Larini Systems 200 at Dragon Trail Seaside - Congrats to Epic_apri_39 on the Win!

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Gr.4 200km Support Race for the DGC SimRacing Dragon Trail 400km

Sunday, November 22st, 2020 - 8:00am EST - Event Registration Opens

Saturday, November 28th, 2020 - 5:00pm EST - Event Registration Closes

Sunday, November 29th, 2020 - Race Day

  • Lobby opens/Free Practice (8:00 Fine Weather) - 9:00am EST
  • Qualifying (13:00 Cloudy) - 9:30am EST (10 minute session)
  • Race Start (16:30 Clear) - 10:00am EST (200km - 38 laps)
All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (US). Link is provided below for quick conversion to you specific time zone

  • Available Gr.4 Category vehicles with In-Game BoP listed below. Only 3 vehicles of each allowed to compete.
  • Hard Compound Racing Tires are only tires allowed, Tuning will be Prohibited

  • All drivers competing in the event must inform the event host of those intentions via thread post, detailing the car and car number they wish to use, team they are driving for (if applicable). Entries can only be submitted between November 22nd to November 27th. (See “Event Timeline” for more info)

  • Race entry maximum will be 15 not including Event Host. Entries will be allowed on a first come, first serve bases. If entries exceed 15, recent entries will be put on a wait list and required to standby incase an entry is a no show or cancels.
  • Car numbers 2-999 are open to all entrants to use.

  • Drivers can enter as Independent entry (non-team affiliated) or be part of a Team if the so desire.

  • No Limit to Teams entries.

  • Teams participating in the event can use any vehicle as long as its available for use

  • A simple registration guide is provided below for all entrants to use once they've read the regulations.
-Team Name:

-Car Number:

-Car Choice:

-Driver: PSN Name (Nationality)

  • Liveries featuring sponsorship from tobacco or alcohol companies, pornographic materials, promoting a political stance or agenda will be prohibited. Vehicle Liveries will be submitted for approval to Event host (@damonc84 ) at time of entry via Direct Message. Liveries must be sent for approval no later than Saturday, November 27th at 10pm EST

  • All cars must have similar appearing number plates consisting of a plain black colored square with white colored numbers. Number font is the designer's choice but must be legible from the race replay camera.

  • Number Plates must be located between the Front Tires and the Middle of vehicles Front doors on both sides.

  • Vehicle number must match the in-game driver’s graphic. This can be set in the “Racing Item” Box on the Livery Editor.

  • “Larini” decals will be mandatory on the center area of the front and rear of the vehicle. Can include leading edge of hood if front bumper space is not available. Link to required decal

  • “Pirelli” decals will be mandatory in areas under the front headlamps and rear bumper behind the rear wheel or under the tail lights, which ever is easiest. Link to Required Decal

  • "Total" decals will be mandatory in areas between front tires and the number plate. Link to required decal

  • Optional wheels are allowed but must match factory wheel lug pattern. (Example: vehicle has 5 lug wheels stock, Replacement wheels must be 5 lug)

  • Driver names on vehicle are optional

  • All vehicles will require a “Black” Gran Turismo windshield banner.

  • Example pictures are available below
Gran Turismo®SPORT_20201121151747.jpg

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20201121151804.jpg

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20201121151813.jpg

  • Every driver is expected to adhere to the GTPlanet forums code of conduct.

  • Public verbal attacks against any participant, whether through the forums, in-game lobbies, or voice chats is strictly prohibited.

  • During races, use of the in-game chat for any reason besides communicating with race officials is strictly prohibited.
  • During Race event, all drivers must use at least 2 of the compounds allowed for the event
  • Event Host reserves the right to punish any of its participants should they exhibit disruptive, offensive behavior that ruins the experience of others.

  • Clean, fair racing is always expected from all drivers.

  • Contact between cars is permitted so long as contact does not result in another car going off track, damage to another car, or any outcome where contact is deemed excessive.

  • When defending track position, drivers are only allowed to make one move in defense. Excessive defending constitutes illegal blocking.

  • Overtakes are expected to be done fairly and cleanly. Overtaking drivers are expected to use their better judgment to ascertain whether they have gained control of the racing line.

  • If contact is made that results in another car going off-track, the offending car is expected to surrender track position to the other car involved in the incident as soon as possible.

  • A car rejoining the track after going off-track must rejoin the track in a safe manner. Approaching cars will have the right of way over cars that are rejoining.

  • For this event there will be Light damage settings. Cars coming around heavily damaged cars are expected to safely get around these cars.

  • Lapped cars are expected to give way to faster cars at the soonest possible opportunity and are not allowed to interfere with any on-track battles between faster cars. It is the responsibility of lapped cars to be aware of faster traffic coming through. Lapped cars deemed to have impeded faster traffic will be penalized.

  • Driving backwards on track is always strictly prohibited and results in an immediate disqualification and possible suspension from the series and/or the organization.

  • All cars are expected to be moving forward on track unless recovering from an incident.

  • Intentional or payback actions will be harshly penalized.

  • At least two tires must always be kept within track limits.

  • Generally, track limits are represented by either the white lines or the kerbs wherever present on track. However, these rules may be adjusted depending on the track and in doing so will be properly specified by the series organizer.

  • A car with two tires on the defined track limits is already considered having two tires off-track.

  • If a car gains an advantage by going over track limits, drivers are expected to reduce speed just enough to negate any potential advantage gained. Repeated instances of gaining an advantage by exceeding track limits results in a penalty.

  • Any overtake done by exceeding track limits is considered an illegal overtake and any offending are cars expected to immediately return the position(s) gained. The only exception to this rule is when the overtake is performed in avoidance of an accident that occurred ahead.

  • Crossing the white lines at pit entry and/or pit exit results in a penalty.

  • Causing a collision: 15 second penalty

  • Illegal blocking: 5 second penalty

  • Illegal overtake: 10 second penalty

  • Unsafe rejoin on track: 10 second penalty

  • Impeding faster traffic: 10 second penalty

  • Gaining advantage by exceeding track limits: 10 second penalty

  • Crossing Pit Entry line: 5 second penalty

  • Crossing Pit Exit line: 5 second penalty

  • Not Utilizing More than one tire compound during race: 20 second penalty

  • Poor Driving Standards*

  • Unsportsmanlike Behavior*
*Penalties for Poor Driving Standards and Unsportsmanlike Behavior will be at the discretion of Event Host and Event Officials, and can result in Event Disqualification.

Incidents can be submitted to Event Host via Direct Message, must include Lap number, Sector number of track and involved participants in said incident.

  • Start Type : Rolling Start

  • Grid Order: Set By Host

  • Boost: None

  • Slipstream Strength: Real

  • Visible Damage: On

  • Mechanical Damage: Light

  • Tire Wear: 4x

  • Fuel Consumption: 2x

  • Initial Fuel: Default

  • Grip Reduction: Real

  • Race Finish Delay: 180 sec

  • Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier: Default

  • Filter by Category: Gr.4

  • Balance of Performance: On

  • Power Limit: ---

  • Weight Limit: ---

  • Maximum Tire Rating: Racing: Hard

  • Minimum Tire Rating: Racing: Hard

  • Livery Restrictions: No Limit

  • Racing Number Type: No Limit

  • Assign Car Numbers Automatically: None

  • Tuning: Prohibited

  • Kart Usage: Off

  • Ghosting During Race: None

  • Shortcut Penalty: Weak (Practice/Qualifying), None (Race)

  • Wall Collision Penalty: None

  • Side Contact Penalty: Off

  • Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off

  • Replace Car at Course Out: Off

  • Flag Rules: On

  • Ghost-Lapped Cars: On (Qualifying), Off (Race)

  • Counter steering Assist: Prohibited

  • ASM: Prohibited

  • Driving Line: No Limit

  • Traction Control: No Limit

  • ABS: No Limit

  • Auto-Drive: Prohibited

  • Pirelli Pole Award

  • Total Fastest Lap Award

Follow the Event and Team on Twitter at DGC SimRacing

Entry List

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United States
Texas, USA
Team Name: DGC SimRacing
Car Number: 84
Car Choice: Toyota GR Supra
Driver: Damon_Cuccia (USA)

Team Name: DGC SimRacing
Car Number: 2
Car Choice: McLaren 650S
Driver: Elusion428 (GRE)

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United States
Team Name: TGR Team Racerworkz
Car Number: 32
Car Choice: Toyota GR Supra

Gran Turismo®SPORT_20201128235507.png
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Race Event Updates and News

Hey everyone, as race time draws near here is an event update regarding the race. Registration as been extended to Saturday, November 29th till 5pm EST. That should give everyone a little more time to finalize entries and let everyone decide. Livery submissions have also been extended till Saturday, November 29th till 10pm. Because you don't submit a livery, it does not mean you will not be allowed to race, but may require you to take a grid penalty and lessen the likely hood of you entry being promoted on social media if it does not follow the stated guidelines as listed in the OP.

As schedule of the date is posted below, times have been altered for the event to give more lee time before the Dragon Trail 400km Gr.3 Race scheduled following the event, event lobby setting will be the same as what is listed in the OP. Look forward to seeing everyone on race day.

Sunday, November 29th, 2020
  • Larini 200 Gr.4 Support Race Lobby opens/Free Practice (8:00 Fine Weather) - 9:30am EST

  • Larini 200 Gr.4 Support Race Qualifying (13:00 Cloudy) - 9:45am EST (10 minute session)

  • Larini 200 Gr.4 Support Race Start (17:00 Clear) - 10:15am EST (200km - 38 laps)
  • Dragon Trail 400km Lobby opens/Free Practice (6:30 Clear) - 11:45am EST

  • Dragon Trail 400km Race Qualifying (10:00 Fine Weather) - 12:00pm EST (10 minute session)

  • Dragon Trail 400km Race Start (16:30 Clear) - 12:25pm EST (400km - 78 laps)
All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (US). Link is provided below for quick conversion to you specific time zone
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Race Results

First off thank you to everyone who showed up to compete today, was a great event with some great action. Congrats to @epic_apri_39 for the hat trick today taking Pole Position, Race Win and Fastest lap in his MMR/RaceSquare GT Citroen. Rounding out the podium is @Harsk100 in 2nd and Elusion428 in 3rd.