Diablo SuperTrofeo 4/11/15

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    Another excellent day racing GTs and GT2s, with weakboost for <8 people, mostly friends but a few guests too. 560SM/580SS (this was just merged into 570SS upon request), trackvote, tuning on no nitro, and the racing looked like this (that's lap 1 on Midf since boost wasn't on that's the last time I could get 9 cars in 1 shot - 9 DIABLOS!! IT WAS A LEGENDARY RACE)

    I host every weekend starting from between 12 and 2 GMT and playing till evening both days usually. JOIN US - if you are interested just add/msg me here or on PSN! ;D

    Mid-Field Raceway (2).jpg Autodromo Nazionale Monza_1.jpg Autodromo Nazionale Monza (2).jpg
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