Difference between the many R34 models..??

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    Okay, Whats the difference of(skyline R34):

    GT-R V-spec II
    GT-R V-spec II Nur
    GT-R M-spec
    GT-R M-spec Nur
    GT-R V-spec N1 (i think)

    All these are in GT4 and I saw a M-spec nur the other day......

    Are there any difference in exterior, interior or performance? :idea:
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    I know the Nur spec versions were specifically designed for the Nurburgring ...

    IIRC, the Vspecs have carbon fiber hoods while the Mspecs and standard GT-Rs have aluminum hoods ... The Vspec has a harder suspension, stiffer stabilizer bars, etc. so it is better suited to circuit use, while the Mspec is tuned for street use (comfort) ... Basically, the Mspec is the luxury Spec GT-R, although features a more advanced suspension, so it's still supposed to be a better performer than the standard GT-R ...

    The RB26DETT N1 Spec engine makes improvements to the standard RB26DETT in many areas (stronger internals, better balance, better turbos, new oil pump, etc.) and is used in the Nur Spec and N1 Spec GT-Rs ...

    The Vspec II is basically an upgraded Vspec, making slight improvements to the original Vspec ...

    In order from best-to-worst stock for racing (to the best of my knowledge) ...

    Vspec II Nur
    Vspec II N1
    Vspec N1
    Vspec II
    Mspec N1
    Standard GT-R

    As far as how they perform in GT4, I couldn't tell you since I don't have it yet :(
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    Wow! :tup:

  5. JNasty4G63


    R32 V-Spec (Victory Spec)
    * Four-pot Brembos with 324 mm discs front and two pot Brembos with 300mm discs rear.
    * Retuned ATTESA E-TS 4 wheel drive system.
    * Bigger 17" x 8" aluminium BBS alloy wheels with 225/50 ZR 17 tyres.
    * Revised front suspension to accomodate the larger wheels/tyres.
    * Curb weight increased by 20kg because of these modifications.

    R32 V-Spec II
    * Tyre size revised to 245/45 ZR17 due to N1 endurance (Gr.N) race regulations.

    R33 V-Spec
    * ATTESA E-TS PRO can redirect up to 50% of the torque to the front wheels within 1/1000th of a second.
    * Active LSD system splits the torque between the rear wheels.
    * Even harder, and 10mm lower, suspension.
    * Expedia S-07 tyres. Bridgestone Potenza tyres are fitted to UK spec cars.

    R34 V-Spec
    * Underbody diffusers front and rear
    * Active LSD

    R34 V-Spec II
    * updated ATTESA E-TS PRO and E-LSD
    * carbon fiber hood

    R34 V-Spec & V-Spec II N1
    Special equipment

    * Twin ball bearing metal turbo-chargers
    * Extra large, air-cooled engine oil cooler

    Equipment deleted from the GT-R V-Spec II

    * Rear intermittent wiper
    * Rear fog lamp
    * Remote control entry system
    * Passenger's seat vanity mirror
    * Clean air filter
    * AM/FM electronic radio and CD player (equipped with aerial and wiring loom.)
    * Glove box damper & glove box lamp
    * Super-fine hard coat paint.

    Equipment changes to GT-R V-Spec II

    * UV cutting insulation and front door green glass to just thin glass
    * Side indicator lamp to a reflector
    * Color coded electric folding door mirror is painted black
    * Leather hand brake lever to lightweight resin
    * Leather centre console lid to lightweight resin
    * Full auto air conditioner to a heater with outside temperature display

    R34 M-Spec (Mizuno Spec, for Kazutoshi Mizuno)
    * Nissans new "Ripple Control" suspension
    * Minor interior differences
    * Special Gold and Green color options
    * Basically a smoother riding V-Spec, nothing else changed

    R34 Nur Versions
    * Color options from M-Spec
    * Some suspension and engine pieces from N1
    * The last of the mass produced GT-Rs, the last ever being the Nismo Z-tune

    Basically, it breaks down like this. You have the GT-R. The V-Spec models have a little harder suspensions, bigger breaks, and so forth. Just a slightly higher performing GT-R. The V-Spec II models were just slight updates to the standard V-Spec versions, nothing major. The N1 models are the track ready versions, with very stiff suspensions, quicker responding turbos, lighter materials, and so forth. The M-Spec just had a new Kazutoshi Mizuno designed suspension system. But, it was just a V-Spec II at heart, so its just a V-Spec II with a smoother suspension and some minor trim and color options. The Nur versions were a little mix of suspensions pieces from the N1 and some trim options from the M-Spec. A nice mix of track ready and good looking. They were the last GT-Rs built.

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    Pretty vague answer. :rolleyes: Can you be more specific?

    :D Just playin. Nice summary.

    So this "Ripple Control" suspension on the M-Spec... (I like that... has a nice ring to it)... is it some sort of active dampening system like a Corvette's Magnetic Ride system?

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    I remember reading that the Mspec has heated leather seats as well as some other amenities stanadard ...

    I always that the Nur spec was > the N1 spec, but I guess I was wrong on that ...

    Vspec Nur > Mspec N1 ???

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    That I'm not sure. I believe its just a bit better set-up for the car. Kind of like the Evo MR with its Bilstein dampers. They feel smoother and not as harsh, but the car handles a little better with them. I believe its the same with the "Ripple Control" suspension. Not official, but I never did hear anything about active damping with them.
    Yea, thats basically it. The M-Spec is based on the V-Spec, but with some trim, color, and exterior changes. That, and the suspension. But, its basically a fluffed up semi-luxo V-Spec.
    There isn't acutally a M-Spec N1. There is an M-Spec Nur. You have these choices......

    V-Spec II
    V-Spec II Nur
    V-Spec II N1
    M-Spec Nur

    The V-Spec N1 was the full boogie track monster. It had lighter materials, beefier suspension, and the tuned engine. The engine got new crank, block, pistons, rods......you get the idea. It was de-tuned to "about" 350hp when sold. But, its fully capable of 450 when kicked up. If you wanted a track GT-R, the N1 was the one.

    The M-Spec was a luxo version of the V-Spec. It has the softer suspension, leather, new exterior colors, and so forth. The M-Spec Nur got most of the N1 engine, but kept the same softer suspension and trim.

    The V-Spec II Nur also shares the N1 engine parts like the M-Spec, but keeps the stiffer suspension and normal V-Spec trim. For track use, the V-Spec II Nur was better than the M-Spec Nur because of the suspension, but thats about it.

    It is a bit confusing with all the models at first, but once you figure out what they're all made for, its a bit easier to pick one. Hope that all helped.

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    what about the mines?
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    Mines are a seperate tuning company that make their own versions of the GTR.
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    Cool! :tup:
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    United States
    wow JNasty4G63! if only PD put this info into GT4 it would be alot easier to choose. Maybe you could explain the differences between all the RX7s(FD) and NSXs in GT4 :)
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    Yea, sorry for getting all nerded out there. I'm just a big fan of the GT-R and its many versions. Kind of a hobby of mine reading and keeping up with them. To the average person, there probably does seem to be a BIT much with versions. But, they really do pan out well. Its just when they put ALL of them in GT games that people get a bit confused. I admit, they could do with about half of the ones in the game, but oh well.

    Oh, and I don't know much about RX7s and NSXs, but I know a bit. I'll see what I can dig up. :tup:

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    dose anybody know the msrp on them
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    Like JNasty4G63 said

    The Vspec models MFD shows 9 functions not 7 like the standard GTR, The CF hood also comes with an NACA duct the pedals were changed and the trim was changed from gray to black. M spec also features seat heaters, softened stabilizers and an aluminum hood.

    The NUR spec (which comes in M-spec and V-spec) featured an N1 engine with all metal turbochargers instead of the standard ceramic found in the other skylines. It also has an N1 reinforced engine block, N1 pistons and con-rods, N1 piston rings, N1 oil pump, N1 water pump, N1 exhaust manifold and N1 reinforced intercooler rubber hose. The engine is hand made at the Nissan racing engine division in Kohki Japan and has also been fully balanced.

    Good job JNasty4G63 :D
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    Maybe I should change my name to "JNastyGT-R" ??? :D ;)

    Yea, I basically covered most of it. I'm sure there are some little trim things here and there I left out, but you get the idea. Hope that helped everyone.

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    which I is the best to get then?
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    The one with the heated seats. :dopey:

    Whatever one you want to get.....