Different cars in Drift Trials

Discussion in 'GT5 Drifting' started by ACGreen86, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. ACGreen86


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    I always see the same cars in the top 200 during drift trials.

    Cerbera Speed 12
    V8 Vantage
    Mini Marcos

    However, today I earned a high score of 23337 using a very different car. I was able to get 193rd place using a 1973 Skyline 2000GT-R. I am the only driver under 200 with less than 300hp who is actually drifting (the N360's etc don't count, cheaters).

    The closest car to mine is a '90 Rx-7 GT-X. No other car even comes close to being similar to mine, yet I was able to beat out drivers using speed 12's and amg's etc. It makes me wonder, if we took out all the speed 12's and cheat cars, what would the leader boards look like?

    Please share any other cars you've seen in the top 200 that don't fit the usual mold.
  2. ErieFlow92


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    I wouldn't be surprised if there were also any Ferrari's and/or Lambo's up in there. I see plenty of those being used and it annoys me only because they tend to ram into me before I enter the turn or exiting -___-
  3. Reddee

    Reddee (Banned)

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    There is all ways the same cars in the top 100+ because the points system is so flawed. This is why I only do drift trials if I need cash and i only do it once.