Dirt Rally 2.0 deluxe edition,No your Australian!

Discussion in 'DiRT Series' started by tunaphis, Feb 10, 2019.

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    After spending some time trying to pre-order this I finally emailed Codemasters only to find that it's not even available (their words) due to limited numbers of PS4 disc's.What are we back in the 50's? How hard is to send some to OZ? It's not like we don't over pay for games already ($139 au).Their advice was to order via PS store which is not suitable in my case as the only internet I have is from my phone as I live aboard my boat.Considering one of the locations is Australia I'm having a hard time getting my head around such a strange marketing decision.
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    Isn't it possible for someone to buy it for you as a gift? It is possible with Steam. I have no PS4 so I have no clue if this is possible.