Dirt Rally on PS4 + T150 - some advices

Discussion in 'DiRT Series' started by MarcoV, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. MarcoV


    Hey guys,
    Finally I had the chance to buy again the game which i sold " because i didn't have a wheel ".
    Now i bought a T150 and i got the game again thanks to the store Discount.

    My style of driving might be a little bit "contaminated" by playing a lot of GTsport, and for the fact that I am still learning how it works..
    but i find it hard to find satisfying settings for it.

    At the moment i've manually changed the wheel to go with 900 degrees, first of all.
    Then i have Saturation on 30
    Soft lock - on

    and for the FFB settings, i have like three main profile i'm trying out ( found around the internet..)
    1. - a very hard one, with most settings above 100, honestly undrivable
    2. - the Thrustmaster one suggested on the TM FB page.
    3 - some lower ones, mainly everything around 70, including the Soft Lock thing.

    Now my main concerns are two..
    1) What's the recommended steering radius? of course it will vary accordng to cars, but so far i don't mind the 900 degrees set on the wheel and the soft lock option ON.
    2) what's your take on general wheel " hardness" settings?

    I understand all of this is highly SUBJECTIVE, but I do like having others opinions laid down ( possibly with explanations ) , and this would help me to grasp the bigger picture and decide the settingsw for myself..
    Thanks in advance!