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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Phroto, Jan 28, 2020.

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  1. Phroto


    Ya'll should take those videos that enable you to play sport mode out because you don't enforce anything that they talk about in them. Dirty drivers still being praised and promoted in driver ratings. While drivers trying to run clean are being penalized and being demoted . Wth gt enforce your own rules and regulations.
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    GT Sport doesn’t actually have any written “Rules”, just guidelines it seems. I agree, there should be an actual rule set for Sport Mode/FIA races that actually gets enforced. :tup:
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    We're not GT Sport, Polyphony Digital, or Sony. We're a third-party site with no control over the content or features of GT Sport.
    When we spoke to the FIA at Madrid the representative actually said they don't want a prescribed rule set with pre-set penalties for pre-set offences - because that's not how it works in motorsport either. The goal was a penalty framework or matrix, within which the system could make judgements to increase or decrease penalties where appropriate. How well that's done (comparing your mini-sector time gain to AI cars...) when it works is a different question :lol:

    There's a pretty well-developed thread about the penalty system's shortcomings here:
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