Dirty Nascar Racing League

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    A YouTube Streamer in North America hosts Dirty Nascar Lobbies that remain full 8hrs of the day he is on. He gave me permission to start up a competitive Dirty Nascar League!

    If you are unsure what Dirty Nascar is I will explain really quick... for the most part it’s in Gr.3 or Gr.4. Blue Moon Bay with the Slipstream and Boost both on Strong. The Objective is to strategically wreck your opponents and skate away with the win. The first time I tried it, I honestly just needed to blow off steam so I was like this could do the trick lol... been about two months of doing it everyday and can honestly say its the most fun racing I’ve done to date on GT Sport and a well developed community of racers.

    As far as the League goes, it will be Team Racing! We are doing 5 teams of 3 with a scoring system for 1st-3rd and bonus points for sweeping the podium. We currently have 3 teams 100% locked in and are looking for others interested in trying it out. Races will be on Saturday Evenings around 8pm EST (which is the East Coast United States Region).

    I would recommend having 4 people on a team that way if one person cannot make the race one Saturday, you will still be able to pick up a teammate.

    Let me know if you’re interested or would like more details.