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    At the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, a new evolution of Gran Turismo, then-named Gran Turismo HD, was announced. In it, the series producer, Kazunori Yamauchi announced his plans for development of the project, with one of the new major developments being the incorporation of a "true online experience":

    Over the course of the franchise's history, all of the planned features that Yamauchi presented at the presentation came into actuality over time in the later successors to Gran Turismo 4:

    -This list may be incorrect, and if it is, discuss below, and it shall be corrected (either by myself or anyone else who'd like to make an appropriate image).
    --Here is a template image if you want to make one yourself.

    This thread is to discuss the development of the franchise up until now, with the (current) latest installment being Gran Turismo Sport. Of the course of 11 years and counting, the features list that was presented in 2006 will be complete with the release of Gran Turismo Sport, for the most part. What was your most favorite feature that was added to the franchise in a particular title? Are you pleased with the development of the franchise throughout its titles since 2006 to present day? Do you think several of the features that were added in a later title could have been implemented in an earlier title?
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    I remember my initial reaction to most of the trailers for Gran Turismo games from 5 onward, since I was getting into my teens around that time.

    I remember that Gran Turismo vision trailer like it was yesterday. A random browse through YouTube and there it was. The minute I saw all those cars on El Capitan I lost it. I was like "holy s:censored:!" The music probably also helped that.

    E3 2009...Wow. At the time I don't think I've seen a game that looked so sleek and smooth, and the quality of cars just blew my mind. The inclusion of NASCAR was outstanding since I was still into NASCAR at the time (Jeff Gordon). E3 2010 was even better as the music hyped it up further with better racing scenes.

    GT6 came out at a pretty bad time, because that's when I started college, but I remember that teaser trailer. I didn't really have a reaction but I just knew in my head, "Dang, this will be amazing." The 2013 E3 trailer was also nice. I loved seeing that Z4 GT3 car in it.

    None of those came close to the Music theme trailer for GT Sport though. 1080p @ 60 fps felt like a real life race with action camera angles. The music went perfectly with the trailer also. At the end I did have a slight tear in my eye, which is why I want to actually progress in this game since I never took GT5 seriously and GT6 was a bad time.
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