Ditched the Conical Brake Mod on TM T300 RS GT | But still want some progression

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    I was getting really frustrated with the brake in GTS (That's my only sim ATM) seemed like the brake was never the same twice and at times I was pressing with massive force and getting maybe 70-80% brake, and sometimes much less. Why GTS doesn't have wheel calibration is beyond me, why would a game that touts itself as "The REAL driving simulator" NOT have that? Especially with online competition & prizes now?

    A glaring oversight that really needs to be addressed!!

    Anyhow, I did some reading and found that GTS constantly recalibrates your pedals so if you need to do some really hard braking during a race that becomes the new 100% :irked: Not very helpful for consistency. So I decided 'what could it hurt?' and repaced the conical mod with a standard bolt as a hard stop point. And the difference was immediate. My braking was more consistent through a race and I KNEW when I was at 100% and got that amount of braking! Every time.

    The thing is though I miss the feel of the mod just not the inconsistency. So I was wondering if any of you have ditched the conical mod and if so did you find any method for mimicking a bit of that progressive feel? I am thinking of some soft rubbery material (squash ball?) or spring but it would have to be something that does not interfere with the hard stop point.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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    Try something like this... (View the second attachment)

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    I ended up doing something similar.

    I had remembered that my old BRD pedals had a brake mod of sorts so I pulled them out to see if I could get an idea from what they had done.

    Turned out hey had used what appeared to be a section of a fairly standard flexible pipe or hose with a smaller, less flexible piece of pipe or hose inside to, I suppose, simulate some two-stage progression. I took the larger diameter piece and just wedged it behind my brake pedal arm and ran a few laps. It felt pretty good, so I was on to something. But it was heavily worn from years of prior use so I needed to get some new material.

    I found a 2' length of very similar flexible hose at Lowe's for about 7 dollars (1-1/4" OD) It is labeled as being for use in installing a garbage disposal unit. So I cut two 1 1/4" pieces, in one I drilled a hole and put the bolt through then screwed it into the bracket that normally holds the conical mod. The bolt is the same type and threading as the bolt that holds the desk clamp BTW. That felt okay but I wanted the resistance to begin at the start of the pedal motion.

    Next, I backed the bolt all the way down and attached the rubber hose piece to the pedal arm with two zip ties. This sits just above where the pedal arm begins to angle out and into the main body of the pedal unit. Ran some laps and that felt about right to me. So that is where I left it. You can play with having the bolt extend a bit more towards the pedal if you like but this set up seems to give me the amount of tension and progression of tension I was looking for plus it gives a definite stop point that is consistent.

    You could also get a smaller diameter hose made of thinner rubber and zip tie that inside the first for a more two-stage progression feel I suppose.

    Anyhow that's what I did, and I posted this in hopes that others may find it useful or something to experiment with themselves.