Division 1 December 2022 Season

Welcome to the December SNAIL Division 1 thread!

Division Manager: @Timlour (@Worst_Driver in back up of Tim)

Host: @IceWarden
Backup Host:

Opens and Manages the lobbies including race start times.

Scorekeeper: @Worst_Driver
Backup Scorekeeper:

Live scoring, updating the score sheet after each race.

Replay Uploader: @racingchamp30
Backup Replay Uploader:

Upload race replays. Deadline to upload is 8PM EST. (If replays are not uploaded by then, we are subject to lose prizes for that week)

Data Specialist: @Akzl298
Backup Data Specialist: @Worst_Driver

Enter race details, stats post race and post them to the main thread.

Backup Data Texter:

Post pertinent messages in the lobby. Also post messages to any non-Snails that join the lobby.

Grid list (12/02)

@Nicktune @IceWarden @racingchamp30 @Kgffy @CANOWORMS1 @Timlour @dem0n25 @Showery_thorn @Rob Brown @Phlano099 @Xradkins @Akzl298

If you would like to volunteer for any roles as a backup, please post in this thread and your name will be added to the role in question. Having more backups always helps. Good luck, racers!
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I'm iffy for tonight as well. My left hand has been cramping severely during this afternoon's warm up. I'm working on it.
Happy new year!

Returning to snail for 2023.

Lobbies seem better. Still rockin' the PS4. Never made it on to Santa's 'Nice' list I guess. If it's not broke.....Don't touch it!