DIY sequential and handbrake

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United Kingdom
Has anyone made their own sequential shifter and handbrake?

I thought I'd give myself a lockdown project and have bought a used VW handbrake (nice footprint and easy to spot mechanism) and a Mitsubishi Charisma automatic gear shift (as it's a linear movement, no sideways motion). Figured why try and reinvent the mechanisms when almost the exact things are already out there?

Plan is to use momentary push buttons on both or maybe a sprung on-off-on toggle for the sequential. Also ball spring plungers to give a proper clunk on the sequential. I haven't found a heavy duty / high force click switch i could use, which would be ideal as the unit would give me the tactile engagement plus the electrical function in one.

Handbrake will be wired to the back of the R3 button, and sequential will be wired to the spare shifter wires on the T300RS that are provided for adding static paddle shifters. I'll put plugs on the body of the wheel base to allow for easy connection and disconnection.

Aiming to get everything done for close to £50. Compared to £300 -£500 for two th8a or TSS plus thrustmaster cable splitter thing

So far, for the handbrake and gear shift, 2 heavy duty push button momentary switches (used for guitar pedals), one sprung on-off-on toggle switch, and one normal push button, I'm in at just over £33.
Need springs, ball plungers, brackets, nuts and bolts, wiring and plugs, which hopefully won't cost much more than £17!