DLC x CalendarPS4 

Florianópolis, SC
Hi there.

After a couple of months away from the game, i bought the last 3 DLC (Stanceworks, US Race, Pagani Nurb), installed, and resumed career mode, which is in Season 2. But i think something went wrong:

1) I got no new invitations, unlike the other packs, where i received several, covering all the new content.

2) I also noticed that they're not actually showing on the calendar. I thought they might show up in the next season, but when i click on a random event, there are 2 or 3 of them going on, and they're all related to these later DLC i mentioned.

So, the events are there, but "hidden", and i received no new invitations for them. I've rebuilt the database, but nothing changed.

Anyone familiar with this? Suggestions?

Thank you!