Do It Yourself Car Tuning

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So a friend suggested the following website to me and I gotta admit it is pretty well organized and very informative.

Basically they walk the reader, step by excruicating step, through the full tuning process of an A600 R8 5.2. This not only includes the traditional "tuning" steps, but even how and why they choose a car to begin with, why certain parts were selected over others, the mistakes they made and what they learned from them and at each step what impacts to the car's handling and performance the tuner was noticing on the track. So regardless if you are a total beginner, or like me just know enough to be dangerous, IMHO this website can do nothing but help make you a more educated and methodical tuner. They keep virtually nothing hidden behind the curtain... a highly recommended resource 👍.

In combination this Flash version of the F3 tuning calculator (based on Feuerdog's calc's) is much easier to use compared to the Excel one:
That is pretty impressive stuff. I'm going to scout down that car on the marketplace once I get home from college this Friday for x mas break.👍