Does Grand Valley have a dirt/rally track?

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Driving the Grand Valley highway it is easy to notice that there are a few fenced of side roads that aren't yet available as layouts. Near the end of the track there is a dirt track "fenced" off by a series of rocks. This appears to stretch further around the cliff, so not just set dressing.

Could this mean a future rally/dirt layout in grand valley? It looks pretty cool!
I mean, didn’t people initially find access roads on Lago Maggiore that later became the East and West End circuits?
I noticed the same, but given the scenery was modeled after Highway 1, I’d just assumed these were some of those roads or trails that branch off of that in some areas, but obviously PD has to close them off so we couldn’t go there? But it’s quite possible they’ve intentionally done that to accommodate a rally or dirt event here in a future update.
That's a real road and viewpoint parking area. The GV version follows the real "Coast Road" path around the corner.

Of course that doesn' t mean PD won't put a dirt or rallycross course on it at some point in the future, but it's not necessarily one just because it's there.
As the user above said, all this colossal investment of resources and time in a large area, it would be unwise for PD to waste all the potential of the area, underutilizing it in just two tracks, when it could provide new gameplay possibilities.

It would be a very nice decision for PD to take advantage of the dirt track to add a rallycross layout. Also, it would be very smart to add a "WEST" layout of Grand Valley taking advantage of the highway that follows the main straight, creating a new layout over the interior of Big Sur as opposed to the coast.

The same reasoning goes for Trial Mountain and Dragon Trail that could have rallycross and alternative layouts, especially the last one mentioned that, in my opinion, it's time to present a version of Seaside + Gardens.
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