Does odometer affect car performances?

Western Provinces
Got a used Prius with 56,000'ish KM (31-32k Miles) but I'm not sure if it impacts the performance instead of it getting it from Brand Central. Can anyone please figure out if odometer affects overall performance or if it's just a number? Thanks guys 'n gals. Cheers.
Only noticeable change is when your oil drops to orange and red levels, reducing HP.

I have a 5000 km Gr.3 Corvette with Engine and Chassi in "Normal" conditions and it's still pretty good.

From the days of people grinding with the Tomahawk, we learned that eventually the HP loss is permanent. Some players have more than 30.000 km in their Tomahawks and at that point it's not possible reach the original HP anymore with that engine.

So for road cars, eventually you will need to buy a new engine, but "eventually" might be 100.000 km later. :lol: