Does this course needs a change ?

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Does this course needs a change to be better ?

  1. The course looks fine, but there is a chance for improvement.

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  2. It needs a more unique sections at the second half of the course ( Dark Twin )

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  3. The course looks excellent - no need to change it.

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  4. There is a need for a change ( unlisted among the selections above )

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  5. It's difficult to decide ( please explain in the comments below )

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    *My poll is directed to Crescent Twins*


    At first when i posted the resource ( Crescent Seventeen ) it had a better attention in the past.
    Then i changed it & improved a certain spots on the course to make an alternative version for a more challenging & more fun ( from my opinion ) version compared to the original then i've noticed it for not to receive a better attention than before - so i would like to ask :
    Is it because my course looks so intemidating to the most ?
    Is it because my course looks bad compared to the previous version ?
    Crescent Twins has some inspirations of 3 or 4 courses ( Test Course or Special Stage Route X - High Speed Ring & Complex String ) so i want to know - do i need to change something ?
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