DOL Aston Martin 2021 Championship

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom

DOL Aston Martin 2021 Championship

6th March - 3rd April
every Saturday at 8PM GMT (UK Time)

With our Porsche 2021 Championship in the books we are looking forward to our Aston Martin 2021 Championship in March and you can be part of it.

Each round starts with an 10min Qualifying Session to set up the Grid for the Main Race. The Main Race is a 25min+1Lap Race. Soon after the Main Race is finished the Sprint Race starts. The Starting Grid for the Sprint Race is the reversed Main Race results. The Sprint Race is a 10min+1Lap Race
The Championship will run 2 Lobbies at the same time. An RaceRoom1 (RR1) Lobby and a RaceRoom2 (RR2) Lobby. We are using an unique format by combining both results of each lobby together for the Championship. After each round the Top Drivers (usually the Top 16 in the Championship table) gets assigned to RR1 while the rest will be in RR2. This continues after each round. So the lobbies will see a constant change of grid. For balancing both lobbies we run an unique conversation formular for points.
Additionally we run a dropscore system which drops your overall worst Main Race result and your worst overall Sprint Race result
Start Type: Rolling Start (for Main and Sprint Race)
Grid Order: Qualifying results for the Main Race; Reversed Grid order from the Main Race result for the Sprint Race
Boost: Off
Slipstream Stength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tyre Wear: x4
Fuel Depletion: Off
Grip Red. On Wet Track/Edge Track: Low
Race Finish Delay: 90s

Qualifier Settings:
Time Limit: 10min
Qualifying Continuation Time: 90s
Tyre Wear During Qualifying: Same as During the Race

Filter by Category: Gr.3
Balance of Perfoemaance (BOP): On
Max. Power: No Limit
Min. Weight: No Limit
Allowed Tyre Rating: All Racing Tyres (From Hard to Super Soft)
Livery: No Limit (No offensive Car liveries!)
Car Number Type: No Limit
Kart Usage: Off

Ghosting During Race: Off
Shortcut Penalty: Weak
Wall Collision Penalty: Off
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Correct Car After Wall Collision: Off
Replace Car When they Leave the Track: Off
Flag Rules: On
Ghost Lapped Cars: Off

Assists: Allowed
Pitstop: In both races NOT mandatory

Only the Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 car is allowed in this series.
Liveries are free to design however inappropriate liveries are not allowed
Round 1: French GP
Date: 6th March 2021
Time: 8PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Track: Circuit de Sainte-Croix – B
Conditions: Evening 15:10 Fine Weather
Main Race: 12 Laps
Sprint Race: 5 Laps

Round 2: Japanese GP
Date: 13th March 2021
Time: 8PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Track: Fuji International Speedway
Conditions: Sunrise 05:00 Sunny
Main Race: 16 Laps
Sprint Race: 7 Laps

Round 3: Italian GP
Date: 20th March 2021
Time: 8PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Conditions: Afternoon 15:00 Cloudy
Main Race: 15 Laps
Sprint Race: 6 Laps

Round 4: Spanish GP
Date: 27th March 2021
Time: 8PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Track: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Conditions: Dusk 20:00 Sunny
Main Race: 15 Laps
Sprint Race: 6 Laps

Round 5: British GP
Date: 3rd April 2021
Time: 8PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Track: Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
Conditions: Afternoon 18:15 Sunny
Main Race: 19 Laps
Sprint Race: 8 Laps
Delta Online League is a young league founded in 2020. We are focusing on hosting hobby Championships on PS4/PS5. We are welcoming every driver of any kind of skill. For us the speed and competetion is less relevant. The fun and enjoyment of racing against others is our priority

If you have interest in entering our league either full time or even part time so comment here:

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or over our discord in the links section

Looking forward to see you on the Grid :cheers:
PSN Name: LocoKingston
Full/Part Time: Part Time

Bit too late. Happy to fill a reserve spot if possible. Looks like a fun Championship
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Totally forgot to update here on this site as well :lol: