Don't drift with Carbon Prop shaft, it's smoother.

Discussion in 'GT6 Drifting' started by Grippy, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Grippy

    Grippy (Banned)

    Just a trick I found, with carbon prop my drifts were much harder to control between shifts, with the standard equipment I can be less agressive and still have all the control. Anything else you've found to help with "easier" or "better" drifts? Tips and tricks welcome.

    Also I drift with G27 and used this with the H-shift so clutching is much easier and less likely to mess up the drifts. Power Delivery is less "instant" and more smooth, my guess.

    Question: Anyone tried without the clutch kits, what you gain/lose between triple/double etc? I know the applications for racing, quicker shifts...but for drifting? which is better, advantages disadvantages?
  2. Death2508


    United States
    What ffb settings and rotation are you using with your wheel? I can barely drift with my T150.
  3. Grippy

    Grippy (Banned)

    900 degress @ Simulation steering.

    For FFB I use lower settings so I can counter quicker whilst not wearing out my wheel. If you're on max for either you're doing it wrong.

    Currently drifting on:
    Max Torque 2
    Sensitivity 2