Doomotron Track Reviews - Special Stage Route 11

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    Ah, memories. Only gamers of the early 2000s will remember this (Except the people who downloaded it for GT6 with the course maker) lovely, fast but technical track. It was SSR5's teenage brother. More difficult, if you know what I mean :cheers:.

    Anyway, I love this track; I love the layout, I love the scenery.
    I have decided to review this track, with my personal reward system - :@: symbols. Stars out of 10 will decide how good this track is, and whether you should play on it or not. For sub-sections, five-:@: rewards will be rewarded. Thumbs Up (:tup:) and Thumbs Down (:tdown:) icons will be used to show whether a section is good. -- will be awarded if it is semi-good. Sections do not represent real sectors, but allow me to group areas. This is also the first Doomotron Track Review. :)

    Part One - Layout:
    For this thread, I'll be focusing on the GT3 layout of the track.
    The track starts on a highway/motorway, and has a pit lane on the left. the track then has a swooping down-hill corner, and then a technical 90 degree* corner, which, in my opinion, tests timing. Following that, a fast chicane which tests precision. --

    Two wide 90 degree corners are your next challenge. These can test grip and acceleration control. After that, a tight hairpin shows how much under-steer your car has, and shortly after a tighter hairpin replaces the old SSR11 route, and sends you into the next section... :tup:

    This brand-new section passes through a road lit by trees. A high-speed chicane yet again tests timing and precision. The new section re-joins the old track, and the next challenge faces you - a 90 degree corner followed by a banked section. I call this bit the 'OMG I Just Crashed OMG' section. It is really easy to spin out, especially if you have a low car. This section tests tuning setups. :tup:

    Next is a section full of hairpins - and nearly nothing else. I personally do not like this section, but I must continue. A hairpin covered by a building tests tuning setups, but this corner can be annoying for cars which commonly under-steer. A mid-length left-hander is a good time to overtake opponents, after you lost them at the previous hairpin. After this, a final hairpin is less tight than the others, and a sigh of relief because you are approaching the end. It is also the location of the rumoured SSR5-SSR11 connection. A difficult slow chicane seperates the en from the boys. Finally, a long left-hander is your final challenge. This corner can create under-steer, but brief accelerator control can fix that. --

    Rating of layout. Layout and scenery rating will be added to create the final rating.

    Overview of layout:
    A technical, difficult track for professional players only, but is lovely to drive on.

    The review of the scenery is coming tomorrow.

    - Doomotron :gtpflag: