Double races?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by Alonsomania, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Alonsomania


    Just got my copy of GT1 from the USA, so I went playing.

    All going fine, until I was doing the GT Cup, and in the 2nd lap of Trial Mountain, I heard strange noises. Didnt knew what to expect form it, so apparantly I used an overkill car. Others were far far away, until I heard loud engine noises.
    These werent from me, and no competitors close to me, so I paused the game, and I heard the sound when you start a race :dunce:

    Really, really weird. Sounded like an other race was going in the background.

    Fantastic game by the way. Pity its the NTSC version, so I am at a total loss with lbs and MPH, but it seems to be more indepth then GT2. Loving it so far!

    EDIT: DUHHH! Had a 2nd ePSXe running in the background, was doing a demo race.
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    Yeah it is a fantastic game. :) It's always good to try the original, isnt' it?
  3. Alonsomania


    Yeah, been wanting to try it for years, but couldn't find it near me.

    Only need to hunt for a PAL version someday, but the NTSC version will do for now.