download the specs to usb stick?

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  1. mobosecomin


    Hi everyone

    been a long time since in played the prologue think i hung it up last summer 09 and iv been looking forward to 5 since.even went out and got myself a g27 thinking it would be out next week but alas more delays. so i poped out this morning and got myself a copy of prologue but i forgot about all the updates i need to get spec 3 going. my problem is i cant get a good connection for my ps3 so it would be an overnight thing to download the update so i was wondering if it was possible to download them to mem stick and install from their ?? any help would be appreciated :) need spec3 to get some savegames too or else have to play all the way hrough again.!
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    ah dude, please use some periods (.) or pauses in your sentences...

    doing a search regarding your question would have solved it... NO YOU CAN NOT DOWNLOAD IT ONTO A USB STICK. ONLY VIA PSN!!!

    Chris :tup:
  3. mobosecomin


    sorry man suffer from that alot i tend to type as i think so .. sorry

    yeah i searched a bit alright but was looking for a definitive answer so though this be a good place to get it.

    looks like an over night thing with psn sucks big time:yuck:

    anyway many thanks :)