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Please can Gran Turismo offer drag racing online. Even if it was only fun against your friends I think it would be an excellent feature. If you could customise the length that would be perfect. Does anyone else agree??
Thanks for reading.
Not a bad idea, though this should just come in the form of the drag strip being added to the world map along with a Meeting Place.

Then there would need to be serious limitations to make the drag race somewhat fair with good matchups.
The best solution to make it fair is to implement bracket racing.

Bracket racing (also called ET racing) is a form of drag racing in which you set the elapsed time of your car (called a dial-in time) for each run, which you then can not run faster than or you’ll be automatically disqualified.

Let’s say you set your dial-in at 12 seconds and your opponent sets his or hers at 10 seconds. That means the tree (starting light) in your lane will turn green 2 seconds before your opponent’s. If you run exactly 12 seconds and your opponent runs exactly 10 seconds it comes down to who had the better reaction time. If you run 11.9 seconds and your opponent runs 10 seconds or slower your opponent wins, as you’ve “broken out” your dial-in. If you leave the starting line before your side of the tree turns green you red-light and you’re automatically disqualified. If both of you have perfect reaction times and you run a 12.1 while your opponent runs a 10.2 you cross the finish line first and thereby wins the round.

I get that it can be a lot to comprehend at first, but I think it’s a very interesting form of drag racing and it’s huge in the US, with races awarding the final round winner with tens of thousands dollars across the country pretty much every weekend throughout the year.

It basically means that a Fiat 500 can run against a Bugatti Veyron on equal terms. More often than not you’ll see a Tesla go up against a dragster in some big races.

Sorry, I got carried away there. A drag strip with an online meeting place would be a more than good enough start for Gran Turismo, lol.

Edit: I really recommend checking out Motor Mania’s YouTube channel if any of the above sounds interesting. It makes sense after a while and I for one find it quite entertaining.
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