Dragon Trail: Seaside + Gardens

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    I believe this layout would be viable. It would be a very interesting "8" circuit to guide. I believe the circuit could be 9.700 kilometers.

    The crossing could be done like this:

    Seaside to Gardens transition:

    The transition curve of Seaside's main straight line would maintain the same level of terrain until it joined with the large Gardens curve. Visually, it could be placed fenced on the shores of the transition line between Seaside-Gardes, such as Suzuka and Watkins Glen. The first curve would be made at high speed, without reduction. The second would obviously have to be reduced a little. At the tangential margin of the first curve would put gravel.

    Gardens to Seaside transition:

    This would be more interesting the geography. Just past the twenty meters, after leaving the main straight line of Gardens, there is a steep descent to pass through a tunnel under the another transition path. Then a rising corkscrew would be performed to return to Seaside.

    In both the original and the reverse sense, we would now have two corkscrews. The first would be two uphill corkscrews, and the second two downhill corkscrews. It would be emotional, mainly because it would allow multiple overtaking in X.

    Lastly, another alternative layout could be adopted for Gardens. In Gardens's harpin, the curve would be extended to join directly to the main line. This would provide two Seaside Gardens circuits. Besides that first one, this second one here:

    I think this could be 8.100 kilometers.
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  2. KosmoKazi


    Is that how the tracks are configured in the GTS world? I mean the location of each next to each other? I was always curious about that.

    It would be cool if GT offered a sort of drone exploring tool, for pictures and also for just orienting yourself to the tracks, both fictional and real ones. It's such a rich world they created, it would be fun to get a better look at them, and to enjoy them in that way.

    For example, I was always intrigued by Sardegna, to understand how the various layouts come together. It helps to have your bearings, and the places are interesting.

    [EDIT] I see that the two tracks are indeed next to each other, as shown in this official picture. I wonder where these types of pictures come from? The drone explore idea would be awesome.

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  3. BrunusCL82


    Yes. This image was taken from a video of the GT championship last year.
  4. Animedeaf


    Yeah! I would love to see this in Gran Turismo 7! :bowdown: